Nothing is better than getting some extra sleep

Were you up all night and need a power nap to re-energize? We might have the perfect solution for you.

IGNITE’s sleep lounge has officially re-opened as of Tuesday, Jan. 10 and is ready for you the next time you feel like you need a power nap!

So, what is a power nap?

A power nap is a short nap, lasting generally 10 to 30 minutes that is over before it reaches deep sleep. Power naps are usually helpful during a long day full of activities, giving you the benefits of sleep without leaving you groggy.

Here’s more information on how power naps are helpful:

They improve focus

If there is one thing you need to help you focus during your next three-hour lecture after staying up all night studying, it’s a power nap. Power naps improve focus and concentration and can somewhat, make up for a sleep deficit night, giving you a little extra boost of alertness for your next class.

They can improve memory

According to scientists, people who napped for 30-90 minutes had better short-memory than those who did not nap or napped for longer than an hour and a half. These naps are also known to help with word recall, good cognition and alertness.

They enhance creativity

Not only can power naps help you stay alert for class, but they can also help you if you’ve been struggling with creative block. Research has shown that taking short naps during the day can boost your creativity and can help you in coming up with new ideas.

So don’t miss out on those naps!

They help relieve fatigue

While power naps are not the solution to constant sleep deficient nights and insomnia, they are extremely helpful in relieving stress and helping you feel rejuvenated. These naps are known to improve reaction time and reduce daytime sleepiness after a bad night’s sleep.

Never miss power naps again!

IGNITE’s Sleep Lounge is here to save you from dozing off in class. Our sleep lounges are designed specifically for students to catch up on some much needed sleep during the day.

The rooms have low-light and a zero noise policy creating the perfect environment for that power nap!

At the Lakeshore campus, you can go to KB106 and KX204 at the North campus to take up to an hour-long nap. No appointments needed, just bring your student ID and get ready to catch some zzz’s!

Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about our sleep lounges.

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