Having an organized space is more helpful than you know!

It’s official; you’re living on residence! Now it’s time to organize your dorm room.

You’re finally getting the jist of things and making new friends. However, you’re facing a problem. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough storage.

When moving into residence, you may feel like moving your entire room with you. And nothing is wrong with wanting to feel at home. But even so, you must figure out a way to store all your things. And you want to avoid having a messy dorm room or having a mountain of clothes in a corner.

Here are ways to elevate your space by organizing your dorm room.

Shoe rack

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Shoe racks are usually inexpensive and easy to install. Plus, it allows you to save on closet space and helps to organize all your shoes too! There are many different styles to choose from, so you can find the one that fits your style and needs.

You can always buy one from Amazon or Ikea. That way, you can get a good deal.

Storage bins

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Storage bins are definitely the way to go and you can virtually store anything in them if you get the right size. From clothes to personal hygiene products, we promise that you can use them to your advantage.

They are helpful in keeping you organized. But also, the aesthetic ones can add some style to your room. So if you find yourself running out of space, invest in some storage bins.

Drawer organizers

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Listen, you’re missing out on well-needed space if you don’t have any a drawer organizers. They are perfect for organizing your clothes, especially if you have a lot.

If you find yourself misplacing socks, these will help keep things orderly. That way, it’s easier to get ready for classes. Even if you’re in a hurry.

Rolling carts

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Are you tired of crawling out of bed to grab your novel? Or are you looking for somewhere to store your late-night snacks? If the answer is yes, you can always buy a rolling cart. They’re useful for storing all the essentials you want to use before bed or grab in the morning!

They’re basically a bedside table, but with extra storage. Keep your books handy, while storing snacks like chips and candy in the drawers!

Hanging closet organizer

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Finding extra space in your closet can be tricky especially if it’s already full. What you can do is ditch some of the hangers and use a hanging closet organizer. That way, you can store more items such as gym clothes, t-shirts and beanies.

And just like that, you have maximized the space in your closet.

P.S. Always leave extra space for your hamper


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Maybe you have a lot blankets and they’re too bulky to store in your closet. If that’s the case, you can always use baskets to store them.

Not only do they have lots space, but they are also usually quite stylish. So really, you’re adding some decor to your room while organizing your space. We call that a win-win. You can also use baskets to store other things, like board games and accessories. Whatever your need, the basket will do the deed.

Maybe you’re still learning the ropes of living on residence or perhaps you’ve been doing it for a couple years. However, finding enough space to store all your belongings can always be challenging.

To help you maximize space, consider buying some of the storage essentials above to help you stay organized! We think it will definitely help!

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