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Does your roommate refuse to do chores? Or your group member is always MIA?

With so much going on in our lives, disputes are bound to happen. And maybe you’re someone who tries to avoid conflict. But what do you do when a situation becomes unbearable?

You’re left with no choice, but to solve your disputes. And we know it won’t be easy, but luckily the Dispute Resolution Clinic (DRC) is here to support you! In partnership with the Alternative Dispute Resolution program at Humber College, the DCR offers the best support for conflict resolution or mediation.

Here are the types of disputes you can get settled at the clinic.

Academic support

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Are you aware of the college appeal process?

If not, that’s okay! The DRC clinic provides support to students with any appeal. So whether it’s a faculty or college appeal, IGNITE is here to help! Not only do we walk you through the process, but we ensure that you have a clear understanding of the appeal policies.

Group work disputes

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Let’s be honest- most of us probably prefer to complete our assignments individually.

But unfortunately, you won’t always be able to escape group assignments and conflicts are likely to arise between group members. But you don’t have to tackle them alone! The DRC clinic offers conflict resolution strategies to resolve your group work disputes.

So, the next time you’re having difficulties with a group member, book an appointment with the DRC!

Roommate disputes

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Who knows? Maybe your roommate might become your closest friend. Or maybe they’re just someone you cohabitate with. Either way you might occasionally have some disagreements. For example, maybe they don’t like to do the dishes and let them pile up. Will you sweep this issue under the rug?

If you’re unsure how to approach your roommate, discuss your feelings with our volunteers at the DRC.

Workplace disputes

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We all have our fair share of ups and downs at our workplace. Chances are, you might have a conflict with one of your colleagues at one point or another, and you’re uncertain how to approach the situation.

Whatever the case might be, don’t worry. The DRC is here to empower you with conflict resolution skills. So don’t be scared to reach out!

Now that you know the disputes the DRC can help you with, what you are waiting for? Book a virtual appointment today! And guess what? The DRC is free and confidential. Through our partnerships with on-campus stakeholders such as Public Safety, the DRC is here to support you through some of your difficulties.

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