Jinkies, I lost my glasses!

Velma Dinkley (and also us, every three hours)

Isn’t it crazy how some people can just…see?

Like, they don’t need to wear glasses or contacts. They just wake up and their eyes work fine. No glare in photos, no clunky glasses cases – just natural, un-aided eyesight.

How infuriating.

Angry Inside Out.

For those of us without naturally perfect vision, simply seeing the world around us comes with a host of mundane annoyances. To prove it, here are 15 everyday struggles for people who wear glasses:

1. People always ask to try them on

Spoiler alert: they will look the same as every other pair of glasses you’ve tried on, Stacy.

2. And then they say, “Wow, your eyesight is bad!”

Like, yeah, why do you think I wear glasses, Stacy?

3. Drinking anything hot

Million-dollar idea: windshield wipers for glasses.

Windshield wiper glasses.

4. Those little red marks on your nose

AKA battle scars, makeup removers or nose menaces.

5. Applying eye makeup

Sorry my eyeshadow is unblended – I literally couldn’t see while I was putting it on.

6. Trying to find them in the morning

Sure, I could’ve put them in their case before bed. But where’s the fun in that?

The Weeknd confused Super Bowl.

7. Wearing 3D glasses

It’s almost enough to make you not want to learn Black Widow‘s origin story. Almost.

8. The way people react when you take them off

“Oh my god, you look soooooo different!”

9. Laying down on your side

You can be comfy on the couch OR see the TV. Never both.

10. Your parents blaming your eyesight on your phone

It’s not Instagram‘s fault I can’t see!

11. Finding the coolest pair of sunglasses

…that don’t fit over your frames.

12. Rain

Just, rain. If you know, you know.

Rain on glasses.

13. Your eye doctor asking you, “Which is clearer? One or two?”


14. They go missing, like, six times a day

How am I supposed to find my glasses when I need my glasses to look for my glasses?

15. They’re expensive!

They’re plastic frames with tiny squares of glass in them. Why are they $100?

And, that’s not to mention the cost of eye exams, supplemental contact lenses and treatments for chronic eye problems. There’s no way around it: paying for your prescription is difficult – and it’s even harder when you’re a student.

Burning money.

IGNITE believes you should never have to struggle to afford your frames. You need them to function – so you should have access to them. No matter what. That’s why your flexible health and dental insurance plan includes extensive vision benefits.

You read that right – as long as you’ve paid the IGNITE Health and Dental fee with your Summer 2021 tuition, you can have some of the costs associated with your eye care compensated through WeSpeakStudent! To access your plan or file a claim, visit wespeakstudent.com.

Have alternative eye coverage? That’s OK too! If your academic year began in Summer 2021, you can opt out of your IGNITE insurance plan.

The deadline to opt out of your IGNITE insurance is Friday, June 18 at 4 p.m. EDT. For detailed instructions about how to opt out, head to our insurance overview page. To opt out, visit wespeakstudent.com and complete the form under the “Opt-out” tab before the deadline.

Wearing glasses comes with many everyday struggles – but your budget shouldn’t be one of them. IGNITE funds your eye care so you can visualize the life of your dreams.

Tina Belcher says, "I can see clearly now. Hey, look, the rain is gone."

Insurance isn’t all we do! Learn about the other services available to you with the ABCs of IGNITE.

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