Heard of the apparent crime wave taking over the TTC?

We know most of you use busses, subways, and streetcars to commute. We are committed to student safety, and hence, we bring you a list of tips that might come in handy when you are travelling on the TTC.

Trust your instincts

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First and foremost, trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, leave the place immediately and inform someone and ensure to report any suspicious activity to an appropriate officer. We also suggest, whenever possible, getting on and off in well-lit areas or where there are other people.

Travel in a group

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It is better to travel with a partner or in groups than to travel alone. It won’t only keep you accompanied, but may also prevent possible offenders from attacking you because you are no longer an easy target. After all, there is always strength in numbers. However, if you are travelling alone, try to be in a populated area and avoid sitting near the rear doors.  

Be vigilant

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The importance of staying alert cannot be stressed enough. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the people around you. Moreover, avoid being distracted by devices like your phone, avoid the use of headphones if you can and don’t fall asleep.

Take care of your belongings

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Keep your personal belongings and valuables out of sight and close to you. Avoid carrying expensive items or large amounts of cash with you. Also, keep your pass or payment handy to avoid fumbling through your bag and attracting attention.

Learn self-defence

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Learn some basic self-defence moves to protect yourself during times of danger. Also, consider carrying a whistle to attract attention in case something does go wrong and you need help. If you are at a TTC station, go to a Designated Waiting Area (DWA) and use the intercom on the platform or at any elevator to contact station staff if you need assistance.

Raise your voice

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If you feel attacked or unsafe, shout as loudly as possible to get the attention of other passengers or the driver. In such cases, use phrases like, “Don’t touch me!”, “Help”, or “Stay away from me!”

And remember, if you see someone else in such a situation, help them and don’t be a bystander. Do what you can, but remember to not put yourself in a dangerous situation. If you’re not sure what you can do, call for help.

If you want more tips, go through the TTC safety guide to familiarize yourself with other safety measures.

Safe travels!

Header photo courtesy of Venrick Azcueta from Unsplash.

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