Which places on campus do you usually hang out?

As students, we all have some places on campus that we visit more often. They might not be the most well-known or have the most iconic views, but they’re meaningful to us. And guess what, the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College are brimming with them.

That’s why we’ve asked students to tell us their on-campus spots that bring them joy. Here’s what they shared!

Humber Fitness Centre

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Alankrit Sachdeva, a first-year financial planning student, mentioned that his favourite place to visit on campus is the fitness center.

“When I come to the gym, it helps me feel relieved. I also get to meet some of my friends there and we discuss workout tips, et cetera.”

Humber Gym as a hangout spot

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Located at both the North Campus and Lakeshore Campus, Humber Fitness Centre is dedicated to supporting your health and wellness.

Aside from free access for the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber college members, the Humber Fitness Centre also offers different services at an extremely reasonable price, including personal training, life coaching, fitness classes, and more.

L Building (North Campus) Lounge

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Annie Tieu, who is currently in her third year of the bachelors of creative advertising program, enjoys going to the study lounge at North Campus L Building.

“I love the amount of sunlight here. It makes me feel peaceful. It’s also quiet since everyone is busy doing their work.”

Humber Lounge

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Located at the L building, this lounge is bathed in a cascade of natural light. The myriad of glasses adorns every surface, creating a modern and elegant atmosphere. If you want a quiet yet charming spot to study, this place is a must. Don’t know where it is? Click here to register for an in-person general campus tour free of charge!

Barret Centre for Technology Innovation

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When it comes to hangout spots, Priya Puran and Tenisha Noel, both fourth-year justice studies students, choose the Barret Centre for Technology Innovation (BCTI).

“I think people overlook the Barret Centre. At BCTI, the surroundings are spacious. Because there are not so many people here, you can focus and get your work done,” Noel said.

“For me, I just simply like to hang out there,” Puran laughed.

Barrett Centre of Technology Innovation

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The Barret Centre for Technology Innovation stands as a powerhouse of cutting-edge innovation. A dynamic fusion of state-of-the-art Indigenous markings and collaborative spaces, this center is dedicated to fostering a culture of technological advancement and creative exploration.

IGNITE Student Centre

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For hanging out, Nicholas Medeiros, a third-year bachelor of commerce-marketing student, prefers the IGNITE Student Centre.

“At the IGNITE Student Centre, you can find a variety of food from Pizza Pizza to Teriyaki bowl. Furthermore, that is where I meet up with my friends.”

IGNITE Student Centre as a hangout spot

VIA Harry Nguyen

The IGNITE Student Centre at North campus is comprised of a main event stage, different chairs and sofas, cafeteria, and a row of microwaves for students to use. What’s more, this is also where you can find many club events and IGNITE activations. So remember to check this place out!

What about you?


We have gone through a number of on-campus hangout spots people enjoy. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, our campus has something for everyone. So, after classes, try spending time walking around the campus, you never know what you could discover or who you could meet!

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What else can you find on campus? Check out on-campus services you might not know about.

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