Who said Valentine’s Day is only for couples?

It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day – the time when you see couples showing affection with chocolates and pink heart balloons wherever you go.

During this day, it can be stressful walking down the street. It can make you feel like if you don’t have a significant other, you will fall behind.

But, I think Valentine’s Day is also a chance for you to love yourself, regardless of whether you’re single or having trouble in a situationship. After all, the season of love is to celebrate all types of love, including self-love.

So, we’ve put together some ideas and created an ultimate guide to loving yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Retail therapy works like a charm

two women enjoy their shopping day


If nobody shows up to shower you with tokens of appreciation (yet), it’s totally fine to do it for yourself!

It can be whatever that makes you happy. From treating yourself with chocolates, buying some flowers, or ordering the item that has been sitting on your wishlist for months. Even Deloitte survey found that 80% of people from across 23 countries said they made at least one splurge purchase to lift their mood in the past month.

While we don’t suggest you spend all your savings in just a day, we definitely don’t want you to feel bad for yourself. If staying inside is too gloomy, head to a fancy restaurant and treat yourself to a nice meal. And who knows, you might end up meeting your soulmate who’s also in the same situation as you.

Do something different

a girl lying on the sofa


With balancing between school, work, and personal life, we sometimes forget ourselves. So, treat this day as a “free-pass” day. Try doing something that you have never done before!

If you always skip breakfast, try waking up early and making a healthy breakfast. Take this opportunity to go for a walk or other physical activities that stimulate your body and mind. If you have a series that you have always wanted to binge-watch or a place you want to visit, do it right now!

By trying new things, your brain will trigger sustainable dopamine pathways, which makes you feel good and rewarded. So, embrace the positivity of the holiday and cut yourself a little bit of slack.

Appreciate other relationships

Mr. Burns giving flowers to everyone


Your valentine doesn’t need to be romantic. If you don’t have a partner, take this time to practice gratitude for other relationships in your life.

Many things in life have always been taken for granted. We constantly take the miserable part of our lives and compare it with other people. Little do you know, they probably have their concerns and aren’t doing as well as they seem.

So, be grateful to your loved ones, friends, and family for their daily support and affection. Take time to show your appreciation by calling, cooking, or hanging out with them.

And don’t forget yourself, either. Be grateful for your skills and talents, along with those achievements that you have accomplished so far, as well as the additional opportunities that are yet to come.

Reflect on yourself

self love reflection during Valentine's Day


When we are alone, it is easy to overthink what has happened in the past. This is when you become regretful of the mistakes in your life. You blame yourself for not doing things differently.

While being self-critical is a normal reaction, you also need to accept that nobody is perfect. Even the most successful individuals in the world have experienced failure at some time in their lives.

After all, we are human beings. And imperfection is what makes you, well, you. As soon as you realize that, you will be able to see yourself in a way that you forgot was possible.

Let’s get crafty

a man creating a world in Valentine's Day


There is something that makes art so relaxing. Do you recall creating all those different kinds of artwork in kindergarten? Although most of the time they look silly, at least you were having a great time back then.

So now, instead of worrying about not having a romantic partner, let’s relive that childhood joy again for Valentine’s Day. Get creative with a colouring book, draw some “abstract” paintings or write in journals, the possibilities are endless!

Bottom Line

a man enjoying his Valentine's Day alone


With these tips, we hope you will be able to enjoy this day, even without any dates. No matter what time it is of the year, remember to carve time out for yourself to do whatever makes you happy—because you deserve it!

And hey, you need to be ready when the moment destiny brings that missing piece comes, right?

Feature photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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