Health & Wellness Eight small ways to care for yourself at home

Treat Yo'self!

Campus Life 5 times the human body has amazed us

Channel your inner Mulan and get down to business!

Campus Life "Just start" - Tyler Oakley on success in the digital world

"Nobody has it perfect."

Campus Life Justin Kan on the value of community, rejection, and patience

Think like a Twitch founder.

Campus Life Five ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

Fine-tune your first impression.

Campus Life Ignition Point: Episode 1

Wellness & Security.

IGNITE The student guide to writing a perfect paper

Making your essays easy.

Campus Life The top eight pop star performances of 2020 so far

BRB, picking my jaw up off the floor.

Campus Life Introducing the annual IGNITE Black Excellence Scholarship

It feels good to be excellent

Campus Life The 10 most inspiring "how it started vs how it's going" memes

Started from the bottom...

Campus Life Missing the sleep lounge? Here's how to have en elite nap in your study space

My favourite class is nap time.

Health & Wellness The importance of maintaining healthy relationships in our work, school and social lives

Don’t forget, it’s okay to ask for help.

Campus Life Ontario is in the second wave of COVID-19: here’s what that means for you

We’ve done it before, and we can do it again!

Academic Program Representatives How peer mentorship shaped my first year

Learning from the best of 'em.

Campus Life How to set boundaries at school and at home - and why you should

A bit of space can bring you together.

IGNITE How IGNITE is prepared to support you in the Fall

Here for you, wherever you are. As you all know by now, Humber and the University of Guelph-Humber have moved their classes primarily online for the Fall, but that doesn’t…

IGNITE What to expect at Humber this Fall

Planning for the future. Learning from the present. You want to know how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect your life at school. We want to tell you. What’s Next?, IGNITE’s…

IGNITE Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 7 and 8

“History is calling the future from the streets of protest. What choice will we make? What world will we create? What will we be? There are only two choices: racist…

IGNITE A complete guide to resetting your sleep schedule

Sleep is like a time machine to breakfast. After months of sleeping, eating, napping, and repeating, suddenly jumping back into a full-time schedule seems like a bigger challenge than the…

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 9

Your questions, answered.

Campus Life How to ace an online interview

Because you can't shake hands through a screen.

IGNITE Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 9

“Lots of people who are great people are implementing and ­protecting systems, practices, structures that fundamentally exclude, disenfranchise, marginalize black people.” — Alicia Garza, co-founder, Black Lives Matter It’s OK if you don’t…

Campus Life I signed up for Skillshare and this is what I learned

Mad skills.

IGNITE Working with IGNITE: A Day in the Life

Part-time jobs have never looked this good. Let’s face it–money is tight right now. From all the money spent ordering takeout, to the lack of work due to COVID-19, it’s…

IGNITE I signed up for Skillshare and this is whatI learned

Boosting those skills, one module at a time. There is no doubt this summer has looked a little different than how we expected it to a few months ago. We’re…

IGNITE I signed up for Skillshare and this is what
I learned

Boosting those skills, one module at a time. There is no doubt this summer has looked a little different than how we expected it to a few months ago. We’re…

IGNITE How to ace an online interview

Make an impression stronger than your internet connection. Do you want a job that gives you flexible hours, fantastic coworkers, and resumé-building experience? Do you want your work environment to…

IGNITE The ultimate August event round-up for Humber, and beyond

Alexa, play the Phineas and Ferb theme song. We’ve been self-isolating for nearly five months now. Five. Can you believe it? Yet, time flew by because somehow we’ve made it to August. We…

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 7 and 8

Silence equals compliance equals violence.

Campus Life IGNITE devotes $250,000 to bursaries for international students

Making academia accessible.

Health & Wellness Six financial scam red flags to look out for

Thanks but no thanks, "boss babe".

IGNITE Six financial scam red flags to look out for

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Everyone wants a side hustle. A lot of us have even tried a side hustle. But, sometimes you don’t want to…

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 5 and 6

The fight is far from over.

IGNITE Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 5 and 6

“Lots of people who are great people are implementing and ­protecting systems, practices, structures that fundamentally exclude, disenfranchise, marginalize black people.” — Alicia Garza, co-founder, Black Lives Matter It’s OK if you don’t…

Campus Life 9 upsides to having a remote semester

Every class has a silver lining.

IGNITE 9 upsides to having a remote semester

“Different” doesn’t mean “worse.”  It’s registration season at Humber and UofGH. That means it’s time to pick your classes, shop for textbooks, and—perhaps most importantly—mentally prepare yourself for a mostly remote Fall semester. If you’re nervous…

IGNITE Campus Life - Four Toronto-based musicians to soundtrack your study sessions

Sick beats from the 6. There’s a lot to consider when preparing for an online semester. Where can you study without distractions? How can you stay motivated and productive? How can you…

Campus Life At-home art projects for a colourful summer

Alternative title: "Excuses to put glitter on things".

IGNITE At-home art projects for a colourful summer

Be smart. Make art. Stay six feet apart. I went grocery shopping this weekend. That’s when I saw them. I see them around the same time every year—but, every year,…

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 3 and 4

A better world is possible.

IGNITE Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 3 and 4

“Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” — Rep. John Lewis Dismantling anti-Black racism is the fight of a lifetime. It will take all…

Campus Life The ultimate GTA photo scavenger hunt

Let's play a game.

Campus Life Why on-campus jobs are great (even virtually)

Get that paycheque. And tons of other great stuff.

IGNITE Campus Life - The ultimate GTA photo scavenger hunt

Who knew we had so many parks? Spending all this time at home is making me relive memories I didn’t know I had. Like that time I got lost in…

Campus Life Eight places you didn't know offer student discounts

Budget-friendly burgers, anyone?

Campus Life How to make your favourite summer treats at home

Summer eatin', had me a blast.

IGNITE How to make your favourite summer treats at home

I scream, you scream, we all scream because we’re hangry. “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique.” That’s how Lady Gaga described producer Ryan Murphy in 2015—and it’s…

Campus Life The ultimate July event round-up at Humber, UofGH and beyond

Mark your calendars.

Campus Life What to expect at Humber this Fall

Get the facts.

Health & Wellness How to plan the ultimate staycation

Let's not go to the beach, beach, let's not get away.

IGNITE How to plan the
ultimate staycation

Bring the beach to your backyard. Is it just me, or could we all really use a vacation? Unwinding is tricky without the ability to travel. But, being homebound doesn’t mean summer…

IGNITE How to plan theultimate staycation

Bring the beach to your backyard. Is it just me, or could we all really use a vacation? Unwinding is tricky without the ability to travel. But, being homebound doesn’t mean summer…

Campus Life Students share their tried and true money saving tips

Stretch those stacks.

Campus Life IGNITE's Dispute Resolution Clinic wins League 2020 Innovation of the Year Award 

Students solving problems. Literally.

Campus Life Nutrition myths you need to stop believing

Keep your juice cleanses.

Campus Life Get to know your new Lakeshore campus directors

Acing class and taking names.

Campus Life QUIZ: What hobby should you take up during self-isolation?

Pass the time with a new pastime.

Campus Life Our SECs talk the future of education with Ken Steele

You don't need a fortune teller to learn about the future of education.

Campus Life QUIZ: Which Skillshare course is right for you?

*Olivia Newton-John voice* Let's get quizzical!

Campus Life Here's why National Indigenous History Month is so important

Uplift Indigenous voices.

Campus Life Why it's important to diversify your feed

Escape your echo chamber.

Campus Life Get to know your new North Campus Directors

Allow them to introduce themselves.

Campus Life Get to know your new Guelph-Humber Directors

At your service.

Campus Life How this Humber alum is paving the way for minority groups as an MPP

Change is on the horizon.

Campus Life 5 on-campus resources that contribute to an inclusive community

What lessens one of us, lessens all of us.

Health & Wellness Life lessons to take from self-isolation

Surviving a historical event should make you rethink some things.

Campus Life I used an app to try making friends while in self-isolation: here's what happened

Tinder, meet your match.

Campus Life How YOU can be an ally

Black Lives Matter.

Campus Life Five ways to put your kitchen scraps to good use

Don't let your waste go to waste.

Campus Life Virtual event round-up for students

Let's get digital.

Campus Life Your guide to celebrating pride month indoors

Love always wins.

Campus Life Everything you need to know about IGNITE

Sure–free popcorn is great, but we do so much more.

Campus Life Previous Real Talks guests have a message for students

You have (1) message!

Health & Wellness Top 7 reads for students that aren't textbooks

These just hit different.

IGNITE QUIZ: Which Netflix Original movie you should watch based on your dream summer day

One hundred per cent scientific.

Campus Life Meet your new Student Engagement Coordinators

Feeling engaged?

Campus Life How to make new friends when studying remotely

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Health & Wellness How to handle uncertainty

The only constant is change.

Campus Life The ultimate summer 2020 playlist

Absolutely NOT sorry for party rocking.

Campus Life Five on-campus services you can still take advantage of from home

Here for you, even at home.

IGNITE Meet your new IGNITE fees

The fees of your future.

Academic Program Representatives Why you should apply to be Guelph-Humber's next APR

Get the 411 from last year's APR's.

IGNITE IGNITE commits $250,000 to the Humber College Support our Students (SOS) Fund

You spoke, we listened.

Campus Life How to celebrate the end of your semester in style

School's out, scream and shout!

Health & Wellness Everything you need to know about IGNITE's health plan

At IGNITE, we care about your health.

Campus Life Rainn Wilson's message to IGNITE from home

Stop blaming Toby.

Health & Wellness COVID-19 Updates for Students | July 29

Student-focused COVID-19 updates, directly to you.

Campus Life Six tax myths you shouldn't buy into

Earn that return.

Health & Wellness The impact of IGNITE's COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Fund (so far)

How we're showing YOU the money.

Campus Life The 5 stages of handling online exams

And we thought finals were hard IN PERSON.

Campus Life So, you didn't get a summer internship. Now what?

Keep your head up.

Campus Life How to host the ultimate online study group

Study from the comfort of your bedroom.

Health & Wellness Community care and why it matters

We're in this together.

Campus Life The best celebrity pranks of all time

How did we fall for that one?!

Campus Life Recap: 2020 Annual General Meeting

Everything you need to know.

IGNITE Campus Life - Recap: 2020 Annual General Meeting

All in favour, say I! IGNITE’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Friday, March 27, 2020. To those who attended, thank you for amplifying your voice and helping…

Campus Life How to file taxes all by yourself

Math not required.

Health & Wellness IGNITE Health and Wellness Survey 2020

You could win one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards

Health & Wellness How to tackle long-distance group work

Is anybody out there?

Health & Wellness IGNITE announces Emergency Financial Relief Fund for students affected by COVID-19

Students first, always.

Health & Wellness How to keep your social life while social distancing

Let's stay connected.

Campus Life Lies Hollywood told me about being in college

Lights, camera, FICTION.

Campus Life Which iconic Terry Crews character are you?

Got Nine Nine problems, but Terry Crews ain't one.

Campus Life Lessons worth learning from video games

Pac-Man is your new professor.

Campus Life Twenty things they really should teach in school

Learning beyond lectures.

IGNITE Adulting 101 - Meal Prep

Say goodbye to delivery fees.

Campus Life 5 easy soup recipes you can make any day of the week

The ultimate comfort food.

Campus Life How a single vote can change everything

Every vote counts.

Campus Life The top 5 buzzer-beaters in basketball history

They're buzzin'.

Employment Didn't land the job? Here's how to survive rejection

A 'no' to you is not a 'no' to your future.

Campus Life A Day in the Life of an IGNITE Board Director

Walk a day in their shoes.

Campus Life North's VP talks diversity on campus

"I love the true honesty and rawness [of my work]."

Campus Life The signs as Jameela Jamil quotes

It's written in the stars.

Campus Life That's not love: signs of emotional abuse

Love shouldn't hurt.

Campus Life The 6 most iconic photo booth moments in history

Oh, snap.

Campus Life How to treat yourself this February

Chillax mode–on.

Elections Spotlight: IGNITE Board of Directors - Lakeshore

Meet the students who make IGNITE happen.

Campus Life A love letter to soup

Won't you be my valentine?

IGNITE Everything you missed from IGNITE's Special Meeting of the Members

You may want to read this.

Health & Wellness Blue Monday: fact or fiction?

The Monday blues just got a little more scientific.

Clubs Movies you had no idea were filmed at Lakeshore

Lakeshore and chill?

Health & Wellness 5 must-haves every student should have in their bags this winter

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself.

Campus Life DRC debunks: How to deal with roommate problems

You don't have to do it alone.

Employment 5 things we learned from IGNITE's fall LinkedIn Local

Future skills development at its finest.

Health & Wellness 5 of Dan Levy's funniest moments from Schitt's Creek

We know what you're streaming after this.

Campus Life What does your favourite soup say about your personality?

Get souper excited.

Campus Life Frosh 2019 Street Styles: Paint Party Edition

Paint, but make it fashion.

IGNITE How working at IGNITE has changed my life

Thank you, IGNITE.

Campus Life Finding success in a male dominated industry: Phoebe Robinson's story

The podcast queen tells all.

Campus Life How counselling helped me and why it can benefit everyone

Counselling works. Here's my story.

Campus Life Top 10 street murals in Toronto to check out on reading week

Get some colour back in your life.

Campus Life 5 ways to brighten your day this winter

Just chill.

Campus Life On Monday we're marching for your rights and we want YOU to join us

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

IGNITE How Doug Ford's OSAP cuts could cost me my degree

Here are just a few ways Ford's OSAP changes detrimentally affect student success.

Campus Life Frost 2019: Interview with DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly brings the LOLs to IGNITE.

Campus Life Frost 2019: Interview with Justina Valentine

Justina Valentine shows us that women CAN do anything.

Campus Life Winter Street Styles

Fashionable AND warm?

IGNITE IGNITE Halloween Party 2018 Recap

Re-live Halloween.

Campus Life Food insecurity is affecting Humber and UofGH students — so we launched a soupbar.

It fed over 800 students in the first week.

IGNITE Meet your UofGH Academic Program Representatives

Meet the people behind the program.

IGNITE Interview with Hasan Minhaj

No, he's not Nicki Minaj's brother.

IGNITE How to use tax season to your advantage

Taxes don't have to be scary - here's how you can own them.

Campus Life Here are IGNITE's 2018/2019 execs

Find out who will be IGNITE's newest execs!

Campus Life Interview with Sophia Bush

Check out what Sophia Bush had to say on personal growth, social media, and more

Campus Life IGNITE execs tell-all: advice, projects, and why they love their role

Ever wondered what it's like to be an IGNITE exec? We sat down with the execs to learn more about their roles and how they're helping students.

Campus Life Ali Badderdine - Student Profile

BlackGold Cafe owner and Humber student Ali Badderdine provides tips and tricks to owning a business.

Campus Life IGNITE Frosh 2017 Recap

Take a look at our video of FROSH 2017

Campus Life 6 back to school money-saving tips

Don't break the bank this year. Save with these tips.

Campus Life Surviving your first year of college and university

School can be overwhelming. That's why we've come up with ways to help you be prepared for the new year.

Campus Life 9 must-know Humber & GH secrets for first-year students

Hidden tips and secrets to rise above the rest.

IGNITE 7 tips for off-campus house hunting

Some useful tips when finding a house for the school year.

Campus Life Best places to take photos on campus

Looking for that perfect candid photo op? Check out the best places to take grad photos on campus!

Campus Life IGNITE 2016/2017 Video Yearbook

Another turning point...

Campus Life What advice would you give to First Year Students?

Don't doubt yourself, and never be afraid to ask questions.

IGNITE Summer travel on a budget

What if I were to tell you that you can actually travel on a budget?

IGNITE Dilshan Jayasinghe - Student Profile

Find the balance first, and then try and get involved.

Campus Life Advice from 2017 grads

Check out the great advice that graduating students have to offer!

IGNITE Melissa Krikke - Student Profile

In a lot of ways i'm super grateful to be working while still learning more everyday.

Campus Life Amelia Savoie - Student Profile

"Some parts of your plan will fail, but that's okay, you just have to change the plan and go with the flow..., and you'll be successful."

Elections IGNITE's 2017/2018 execs!

Find out all the winners of IGNITE's 2017 Elections!

Campus Life Interview with Arlene Dickinson

You are going to move this country forward, find out why and how from Arlene.

Campus Life Interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Find out what Kaitlyn told us about gaining self-confidence and more!

IGNITE IGNITE Spotlight: Games Room

Are you looking for an escape from reality, but don't want to leave campus? Check out the Games Room!

Employment 7 networking tips for students

Have someone in mind that you want to network with? Find our how to get their attention with our 7 networking tips!

Campus Life Interview with Suli Breaks

Life is full of graduations so make the most of the experiences you're currently going through.

Campus Life Renting tips for students

Check out our tips for renting as a student!

IGNITE 9 outrageous things you can buy with $5000

Discover unusual and extravagant ways to spend your winnings!

IGNITE Winter Orientation Street Styles

"I'm from Jamaica and this is my first Canadian winter, so it's gonna to be a new experience in style for me and i'm looking forward to it."

Health & Wellness 9 great things to do on your Winter Break

Still trying to figure out your Winter Break plans? We've got 9 suggestions for you!

IGNITE Landlord horror stories

Its really annoying, you would think that your landlord is supposed to help with these issues, especially the mechanical ones, its just upsetting.

IGNITE 5 Best places to sleep on campus

Check out our suggestions of places to take a quick nap on campus!

IGNITE Interview with Real Talks speaker, Brryan Jackson

Find out more about Brryan Jackson's life, and his mission to inspire others.

Campus Life Grad photos: do's and don'ts

Make sure your grad photos are nothing short of perfect with these tips!

Health & Wellness 5 reasons to see Brryan Jackson: Speaker and mental health activist

Learn more about IGNITE's Real Talk speaker, Brryan Jackson.

IGNITE Brett Dalton's advice for students

It can be a lot of fun if it’s something you truly love, thankfully I’ve found something I love and I get paid to do it. I truly believe that hard work beats raw talent.

Health & Wellness 5 Ways to eat healthy on a student budget

Find out how to balance healthy eating without breaking your budget!

IGNITE Brett Dalton Interview pt. 1

Brett Dalton is one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors, and he also happened to be IGNITE Comic Expo’s special guest this year! Brett is well known for his starring…

Campus Life IGNITE Frosh Recap

Relive highlights from your IGNITE Frosh 2016!

IGNITE Frosh 2016: Interview with Boi-1da

Find out what this Grammy-winning producer has to say on Toronto rappers and the best piece of advice he has for students today.


Here at IGNITE, we’ve spent the entire summer brainstorming ways to add plenty of pizzazz to your year.

Employment 5 reasons you should become a Guelph-Humber Program Rep

Be a leader and invest in yourself. Apply now.