“So many days alone, on the road, it was all worth the wait.”


Killy, a 25-year-old Canadian rapper and singer, has reached heights in the music industry that remains only a dream for some, if not most.

Since 2015, Killy has been rapping, and it doesn’t look like he will stop anytime soon as his tracks have continued to gain popularity among Torontonians.

Kilimanjaro, Killy’s single, went viral in 2017 and then moved on to being certified Platinum in January 2019. Since then, Killy has gained a large following, toured multiple countries and launched his merch line.

He’s only just started his career, but he managed to impress with a couple of deep cuts from an EP that came out last year – which put him on everyone’s radar!

We got up close and personal before Killy performed at Frosh 2022 and asked about everything musical. Check out what one of the most exciting artists in pop music right now had to say!

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