Welcome back to our amazing student body! Summer may be gone, but don’t fret! Just because you’ll be spending a lot less time sun bathing and a lot more time note taking, doesn’t mean the school year needs to be a drag. In fact, here at IGNITE, we’ve spent the entire summer brainstorming ways to add plenty of pizzazz to students’ hectic and often overbearing academic schedules.

IGNITE is a student led organization that seeks to improve student life! No matter if you’re a first year or returning student, we provide a host of great services, including and not limited to, a flexible health insurance plan, bursaries, counseling and tax workshops.

Six services icons in Ignite Brand colors background

IGNITE also features many exciting events throughout the year, ranging from small intimate gatherings to large social parties, offering all types of events that will cater to everyone’s musings! Are you into superheroes or animation? Then perhaps IGNITE’s comic expo is the place to be! Maybe you prefer opportunities to explore a variety of issues and topics outside the classroom? Then you should definitely check out RealTalks!

IGNITE Comic Expo 2015 poster with students in line at the event in background

In addition, this semester you can expect a chilling Halloween party, Open Mic nights, comedy shows and much more. The kick-starter to this all, is the most anticipated event of the year, Frosh! This year, it will feature a stellar DJ lineup, surprise headliner and Paint Party! These are just a few of the great events IGNITE is delivering to the student body, so don’t be afraid to join in on the fun, it’s an excellent way to meet new people and create lasting memories.

Hundreds of students at Frosh paint party event through a fish eye lens

Students can also enrich their year by getting involved with IGNITE through part-time jobs, contests, participating in IGNITE’s volunteer committee, joining one of many student run clubs or running for an elected position on our Board of Directors!

Also, don’t forget to participate in this year’s IGNITE contest for a chance to win! $5000! Who knows, you might win, making your year appear a whole lot better! Can’t wait to see everyone around campus!

Link to survey to win $5000