Since the onset of the return to campus conversation, IGNITE has actively listened to our students’ thoughts and feelings surrounding it. From excitement and anticipation about returning to in-person learning to concerns about the announced format, students have presented a variety of hopes and challenges from all sides of the issue. We’ve listened and regardless of the stance, our student leaders have shared your feedback week after week with key members of Humber’s administration to ensure that your voice is heard and considered in all decision-making surrounding the issue. 

IGNITE believes that students who can be in the classroom should be. We believe that positive academic outcomes can be achieved through in-class learning, that student mental health is improved from social interactions, and that stronger personal connections are enabled when in-person. 

We believe Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber are doing everything they can to ensure a safe, productive and positive return to campus for students.  We will continue to hold them accountable to that through our advocacy efforts, as well as to ensure that every consideration is made by the institution to accommodate students in difficult circumstances. 

As your official student union, IGNITE will continue to be here for you.  We recognize that the transition back to in-person learning will not be easy for all students and are here to support you during this time through the following services:  

We encourage you to continue sharing feedback, thoughts and concerns with us through social media, email or one-on-one conversations.  

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