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The new year and the winter semester started with fun conversations, snacks and drinks. We once again hosted Speed Friending exclusively for first-year students. The event aimed to foster connections, creating an opportunity for newcomers to meet and form lasting bonds with their peers. We caught up with the students to gather their thoughts and experiences after participating in the extravaganza.

Tell us about your Speed Friending experience?

A group of students participating in Speed Friending.
Photo by IGNITE

Students shared positive feedback about their Speed Friending experience. Laughter echoed through the room as they engaged in conversations, with many finding fellow students from their program or sharing the same hometown.

Jessica, who will be studying Business Analytics, said that she met so many new friends that are in the same course as her.

What was your favourite part?

A pile of plushies in a claw machine
Photo by IGNITE

From plushies and bubble tea to engaging in arts and crafts, students highlighted various aspects as their favorites. The event provided not only an avenue for making friends but also a range of enjoyable activities.

Rohan Murali, who’s an international student from India, said he laughed a lot during the event and there were many surprises throughout.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to students who will attend the next Speed friending?

Photo by IGNITE

To get the best experience when attending Speed Friending, we asked students for their advice. This is what they had to say:

– “Definitely attend; this is how you make friends.”

– “Be proactive; you might find your college friends here.”

– “Step out of your comfort zone, talk to people and try new things.”

– “Prepare at least three fun facts about yourself.”

– “Stay active; this is a great way to explore your campus and meet new people.”

And this is only just the beginning! IGNITE hosts more fun events like these such as Hype Hall, Real Talks and the IGNITE concert throughout the year so make sure to follow us on Instagram @shareignite for more events and giveaways.

Feature photo by IGNITE

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