They are here to answer all your questions.

IGNITE relies on our talented Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to make sure all students and guests are assisted with great care when visiting our offices.

The CSRs are here to clear your doubts and help you understand everything about IGNITE: answer questions regarding events, schedule appointments, and provide top-tier support to other IGNITE departments.

Our CSRs are students with excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills. They excel in communication and customer service – they love talking to you and making sure you have all the info you need.

We sat down with one of IGNITE’s Customer Service Representatives, Hafsa Ahmed, and she gave us an inside scoop on the top four topics that they hear questions about every day.

Hafsa Ahmed speaking at the IGNITE Lakeshore Campus office.
Photo credits: IGNITE.

IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Plan

IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Plan cards.
Photo credits: IGNITE.

Ahmed mentioned that CSRs often get lots of questions about the IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Plan.

She highlighted that students are usually curious about what exactly the plan covers, and explained that even though students pay for the plan, they often aren’t sure about how it works.

According to Ahmed, students’ questions vary from “How do I activate my insurance?” to “How do I file my claim?” And she assured that CSRs will always be ready to clarify this information to students.

Posting service requests

IGNITE poster board.
Photo credits: IGNITE.

You’ve probably seen that IGNITE has poster boards around campus, they are perfect for spreading the word about events and cool opportunities. But, before you go all out with your posters, you’ve got to do some paperwork.

Ahmed mentioned that CSRs hear questions regarding the posting service request. In order to promote your event or general opportunities, you have to fill out the posting request form.

“A lot of people want to promote an event on campus; they can’t post posters on the IGNITE poster boards without prior approval,” Ahmed said.

Sleep Lounge

IGNITE Sleep Lounge.
Photo credits: IGNITE.

Do you have a break between your classes and wish you could catch some Z’s? The IGNITE Sleep Lounge is here for you.

Ahmed said that the Sleep Lounge is also a great source of burning questions from students. 

“Students will have late evening classes and they want to know if they can go there [Sleep Lounge] to rest before their class.” Ahmed said.

The IGNITE Sleep Lounge is open Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. No bookings are required, just stop by!

Humber-related questions

Humber College Lakeshore Campus.
Photo credits: IGNITE.

Humber’s services and information are not part of our scope, but we do our best to lend a hand!

Ahmed said that CSRs get hit with all kinds of questions, not just IGNITE-related ones, and they do their best to help students.

Even though it’s a bit out of the IGNITE zone, she highlighted that they need to know where else to refer students to and point them in the right direction.

“Even if it’s not something directly IGNITE-related, if students have questions about anything on campus, they’ll come to us first. Then, we help them in the best way that we can,” Ahmed said.

What it is like working as a CSR?

Hafsa Ahmed providing assistance at the IGNITE Tax Clinic.
Photo credits: IGNITE.

Ahmed is passionate about what she does. She highlights that she loves interacting, meeting different people and building new connections.

“Through my role as a CSR, I actually got to know so many more people on campus. Working as a CSR, I’ve made a lot of friends. I see people on the way to class and they recognize me and say ‘You were the one who helped me.’ It’s nice just being able to help people,” she emphasizes.

Our CSRs are your go-to squad for answering not just these four questions, but any others you might have!

Make sure to pop in and say hi to them at our offices located on both campuses:

  • Lakeshore Campus: IGNITE Student Centre, K building.
  • North Campus: IGNITE Student Centre, KX202.

You can also give us a ring at 416-675-5051 or shoot our CSRs an email at We’re here for you!

“No matter what your passions are or what your skills are, what your educational or work experience background is, you can find a position or role that fits you [at IGNITE],” Ahmed said.

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