Always working in style!

Forget about all that boring corporate culture of wearing suits and ties. From the boardroom to the communications suite, the IGNITE staff walks around with some sick kicks.

Over the years, sneakers have changed from just being athletic wear to becoming a major fashion statement. While the influence of the hip-hop culture in the 1980s emerged sneakers as symbols of style, fashion designers started integrating sneakers into their collections by the 2000s.

Nowadays, sneakers are more than just something to wear on your feet – they’re all about expressing yourself, being creative and showing off your identity. Behind every swoosh or three stripes lies a story of creativity and personality.

Whether it’s limited-edition collaborations, the classics or underground, IGNITE staff are lacing up their favourite kicks.

So, kick back (pun intended) and join us on this journey into which sneakers the IGNITE staff are rocking.

Fernando – Nike Air Jordan 1 low

Picture of a Nike Air Jordan 1 Low black/white - gym red.
Photo credits: Anastasiia Nastenko

Starting with me, let’s talk about the Air Jordan 1 – I know this is bit basic, but you gotta love the classics; historic, vintage, yet it’s so modern.

It all began in 1984, when a young rookie was just starting his NBA career, Michael Jordan. Nike sponsored Jordan eager to see the shoes flourish alongside Jordan’s career.

The mastermind behind the sneaker’s design is Peter Moore. He conceptualized the iconic logo during a flight, after seeing a kid wearing a pin of captain wings. And from there, well, the rest is history.

These legendary shoes aren’t just famous for their design but also for revolutionizing the NBA. Despite facing backlash from breaking uniform colour rules, resulting in $5,000 fines per game, MJ kept wearing his Jordan’s 1. Nike covered the fines and even launched an ad campaign challenging the policy.

Tanzila – New Balance 550

Picture of New Balance 550 washed burgundy.
Photo credits: Anastasiia Nastenko

IGNITE’s managing editor, Tanzila, is always rocking her pink New Balance 550s in the office.

New Balance was never really considered a brand that had success in the sneaker culture. Being known for its great running shoes, NB had the stereotype of being “dad shoes.” But lately, they’ve become one of the most popular brands in the sneaker section of stores.

The reason for the 550’s success is that they are both comfy and stylish. Steven Smith, the designer of the sneaker, combined the cool look with comfort. These sneakers aren’t just ready for show, but they’re perfect for everyday wear because of their cushioned sole and supportive upper.

Lots of celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna have been seen wearing the “dad shoes.” Plus, New Balance has teamed up with artists like Jack Harlow and Jaden Smith, which has made the brand even more popular.

Ana – Dr. Martens 1461 Oxford

Picture of Dr. Martens 1461 Oxford red.
Photo credits: Brendan Hamel-Smith

IGNITE’s videographers are always in style. Ana stands out in the office with her classy clothing, but what really steals the show are her killer Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens’ shoes are popular among Gen Z for their unique style and incredible durability. They’ve come a long way since being worn by a soldier to aid his recovery after WWII. Now, they are a symbol of self-expression. Having a pair of Dr. Martens in your wardrobe is a must.

Artists like Tyler the Creator and Olivia Rodrigo are often spotted matching their outfits with some “Docs.”

Nevada – Nike x Nocta Glide

Picture of Nike x Nocta Glide black.
Photo credits: Harry Nguyen

You’ve probably seen our Brand Ambassadors around the campus. Besides being the face of IGNITE and answering any questions that students may have, our BAs walk in style.

Have you seen Nevada? She always rocks her sick Nike x Nocta Glide kicks. Trust me, these sneakers are the ones everyone’s dying to get their hands on.

In 2022, Drake and Nike joined forces to create the NOCTA sublabel. These sneakers are a clear reference to the classic Nike Zoom Flight 95, but Drake added his own touch to make them feel fresh and futuristic.

Jordyn – Nike Dunk Low Brazil

Picture of Nike Dunk Low Brazil.
Photo credits: Harry Nguyen

Jordyn is a member of IGNITE’s full-time staff, serving as the operations manager.

Jordyn not only rocks her pair of Nike Dunk Low Brazil but also nails them with beautiful outfits. These retro kicks are seriously iconic. The Brazil Dunk is hands down one of the most beloved designs of the Dunk silhouette, and sneakerheads have been obsessed with them since they first dropped in 2001.

If you are interested in scoring a pair of these cool kicks, make sure you’re constantly checking the Nike SNKRS website. They’ve had a couple of re-releases in 2020 and 2024 and they flew off the shelves faster than you can say “sneaker frenzy.”

Jackie – Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

Picture of Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner.
Photo credits: Harry Nguyen

Jackie, IGNITE’s customer care manager, rocks some jaw-dropping kicks.

Initially, the Yeezy 700 had a shaky start. Sneakerheads even considered them to be too pricey at first. But eventually, these shoes really caught fire within the sneaker community and are now one of the faces of the Yeezy products.

Kanye and his Yeezy 700 are often credited for having brought back the dad shoe trend.

Harry – Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Raptors/Drake OVO

Picture of Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Raptors/Drake OVO
Photo credits: Harry Nguyen

Harry really came through for the content writing team with some rare kicks.

Today, the Nike Air Jordan 4 Raptors/Drake is a massive hit, with sneakerheads everywhere scrambling to score a pair. But, back in 2018 when these kicks first dropped, there was some drama. They were supposed to have Drake’s signature featured on the tongue tag, below the Jumpman logo. However, this was scrapped as rumours were around that Drake might be on his way to Adidas.

In June 2019, when the Raptors were getting ready for game 2 in the 2019 NBA finals, these sneakers got a re-release, and Drake’s signature was finally there, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the kicks.

Marlon – IGNITE shoes

Picture of IGNITE shoes
Photo credits: Harry Nguyen

Can I have a drumroll? Check it out, folks, we’ve got the most exclusive kicks around: IGNITE sneakers!

Marlon is the manager of student engagement at the north campus, and he loves cracking jokes while sporting his epic IGNITE shoes.

But here’s the kicker, sorry to break it to you, but these bad boys are not available anymore. I can already sense the disappointment as you were probably sliding into our DMs to snag a pair.

Pictures of different sneakers that IGNITE staff wears.
Photo credits: IGNITE staff

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The Hype Hall is our end-of-year celebration where we party wrapping up another academic year and kick off the summer vibes. Among other activities, we’re hosting a shoe giveaway where you can walk away with some sick sneakers.

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What do you think of the kicks our IGNITE staff are rocking? Do you have any rare silhouettes you want to share? Hit us up on Instagram @shareignite.

We can’t wait to party with you at the IGNITE Hype Hall!

Feature image courtesy of Rashmi Ashok.

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