Why does voting matter?

Whenever you have the chance, you should always vote and practice your democratic right. Use your voice in provincial or federal elections, international elections, and even student union elections!

With the upcoming IGNITE Elections for the Board of Directors approaching, it’s important to use your voice and choose candidates that YOU believe in. There are so many reasons to vote, and that’s why we went directly to students to hear what they have to say.

Voting matters because…

Student sitting at desk in Guelph-Humber talking about voting.

Priya Verma

Program: Media and communication studies at the University of Guelph-Humber

“I think voting is important because lots of important policies are made by people in powerful positions and we have influence as citizens on what needs to be prioritized and changed.”

Ashbin Banu

Program: Biotechnology at Humber College

“Voting is like a survey, so by voting, we can learn more about what others think and what they need.”

Student sitting in the Humber cafeteria.
Student talking about voting in the Humber LRC.

Tenisha Noel

Program: Justice studies at the University of Guelph-Humber

“Voting matters because the youth are the future. If we want to gain advocacy and justice we need to elect leaders that will represent us to stand for our rights.”

Annicca Albano

Program: Advanced diploma journalism at Humber College

“Voting is important as that’s where students can really express projects that they want the student government to support.”

Student standing at the student union.
Student sitting in the Humber Library.

Frank Sandhu

Program: Information technology at Humber

“When we talk about democracy, the first thing is the right to vote. If you can’t choose your leaders there’s no point in democracy.”

We hope these students helped you to understand the importance of voting. With the IGNITE Elections approaching it’s now your time to shine! Voting starts on Monday, March 6 and runs until Friday, March 10. You can cast your vote on campus at one of our polling stations or even cast your vote online if you aren’t able to make it out in person!

Whichever way you choose, vote and make your voice heard this election season!

*All interviews have been edited for length and clarity*

*All images courtesy of Alexandra Ellison*

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