On-campus resources and activities to heat up your summer

As the winter semester wraps up and we welcome the arrival of summer, it’s time to talk about what’s in store on campus for those of us sticking around. While some of us can’t wait to escape the early morning lectures, others are diving right into summer courses.

Some of the programs of Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber have classes in the summer, but some students are just trying to get ahead or catch up on credits. As students see many of their friends travelling or exploring some of the best summer spots in Toronto, they often ask themselves: “What’s available for me on campus during summer school?”

Well, my friend, I got you.

Whether you’re taking summer courses or just chilling on campus, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the sunny months. So, if you’re wondering what’s happening and what resources you can make use of in the summer, here’s a rundown:

Make use of the IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Plan

Picture of IGNITE staff handing IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Plan to student.
Photo credits: IGNITE

This is one of the major perks offered by IGNITE during the summer months if you’re a summer student or on a co-op term.

When you pay your ancillary fees, you’re automatically enrolled in the Balanced Plan, which provides extended coverage for various health-related expenses not covered by OHIP or Morcare such as dental, vision, prescription, accident coverage and travel coverage.

While you’re initially enrolled in this plan, you have the flexibility to change to a plan that better suits your needs. Alternatively, if you already have a plan that provides similar or better benefits, you can opt-out. Just a heads up: if you want to opt-out for the entire academic year, you need to do so by the first semester of your academic year.

The dates to opt in and opt out for the summer 2024 semester, for summer-start students, are:

  • May 1, 2024 – June 7, 2024, by 4 p.m.

Go to the gym

Gif of Howie the Hawk sitting and enjoying the summer.

Inspire yourself with the summer vibes and sculpt those muscles at the campus gyms!

If you’re around for summer classes or doing a co-op, you can access the Lakeshore and North Fitness Centres for FREE! If you’re not enrolled in summer courses, no sweat (I mean, you will sweat), Humber’s got your back. Prove you’re coming back for fall 2024 and you’ll score a discount on a summer membership, way cheaper than other gyms in the area!

Whether you’re looking for some weightlifting action, eager to kick off a cardio marathon or considering joining a fitness class, Humber Fitness Centres offer it all! And keep your eyes open because you might just bump into the legendary Howie the Hawk, our Humber Hawks mascot!

Stay in the loop by following the Lakeshore Fitness Centre and the North Fitness Centre for all the details.

Drop by the IGNITE offices

Picture of IGNITE front desk at the Lakeshore campus.
Photo credits: IGNITE

When it comes to seeking help on campus, students know where to turn: the IGNITE offices! Found at both the North and Lakeshore campuses, our offices are the go-to spots for Humber and UofGH students to get answers to their questions or simply have a chat with our student advocates.

The good news is that both offices will be open throughout the summer, and our staff will be ready and waiting with a smile on their faces to assist you with any aspect of your student life.

Our summer schedule will run from Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with Fridays closed. Here’s where you can find us:

  • Humber College Lakeshore campus, K building.
  • Humber College North campus, KX202.

Rollerblade at the Lakeshore campus

Gif of man rollerblading.

Looking for some post-class adventure in the summer? How about strapping on your rollerblades and hitting the pavement?

For my fellow peers who love ice skating, you already know this spot. Near the Humber Lakeshore campus, there’s an outdoor rink at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, which is the city’s first ice skating trail.

Once the weather warms up, this figure-eight-shaped trail transforms into the perfect spot for rollerblading. The park is also teeming with vibrant wildlife and plants, making it a scenic event for your skates. And if you got a puppy, there’s a designated off-leash area for your dog to roam.

Now, if you’re new to rollerblading, safety first. Be sure to invest in the right safety gear and brush up on some tutorials before you hit the wheel.

Humber Arboretum

Picture of the Humber Arboretum.
Photo credits: Humber Arboretum

If you’re taking classes at the North campus or UofGH, chances are you’ve heard about the stunning Humber Arboretum. And let me tell you, this is more than just a pretty sight!

Spanning 250 acres of public gardens and natural areas, the Humber Arboretum is a gem nestled within our campus. In a tri-partnership between Humber College, the City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the space boasts a rich ecosystem and diverse wildlife.

But it’s not just about the beauty; the Arboretum is a hub for learning about sustainability and environmental conservation. With its LEED Gold Certification for sustainable design, the Centre for Urban Ecology holds educational programs and events to educate the community.

From tree caching to discovery walks and birdwatching, there’s an activity for you to explore and enjoy the Humber Arboretum.

Despite the fun summer activities and helpful resources you have available on campus during the summer, we want to wish you good luck with your classes and school responsibilities. And never forget, IGNITE offices will be open to provide you with the support you need during summer school!

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Feature photo courtesy of Justin Ziadeh via Unsplash.

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