“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”

Garrison Keillor

Where’s the best place to study or complete assignments? The library, of course! But, it’s more than just a place for studying. Humber library has a vast collection of books you can read!

From fiction to nonfiction books, many genres are available to explore. So, the next time you visit the library, feel free to borrow one. And guess what? It’s free, so you’re reading without spending a dollar.

Here are some books that you may not have known existed.

Romance novels

A colourful book cover for the book "Ties that Tether". (Humber library)
Image via Goodreads

You’re in luck if you like books such as Twisted Games or It Ends with Us! Humber library has the perfect romance novels that will toy with your emotions! Some of the books available include:

Ties that Tether tells the story of Azere, a Nigerian woman who must choose between love and family. Torn between her feelings for Rafael, and the need to please her mother, what will be her final decision?

Grab a copy and find out!

Self-improvement books

Jay Shetty is smiling on his book cover (Think like a monk). (Humber library)
Image via Amazon

Sometimes our minds are clouded with negative thoughts. And the best way to clear our minds is through meditation and mindfulness. Plus, self-improvement books are the best resources to reduce our stress levels. And take care of our well-being!

Here are some books worth – reading:

According to Jay, everyone should and can think like a monk. That way, you’re closer to living a meaningful and less anxious life. In his book, he shares how to overcome negative thoughts and unlock our true potential.

Want more advice from Jay Shetty? Here’s his guide to success and finding one’s purpose.

Fantasy books

The book cover for "The Midnight Bargain" has a green background along with flower petals. (Humber Library)
Image via Amazon

This fantasy novel, tells the story of women losing their magical powers when they marry.

Beatrice dreams of becoming a Magus by pursuing magic. However, to save her family from severe debt, Beatrice must participate in a bargaining season where men and women negotiate the best marriages. Will she continue to pursue magic as her true calling? Or will she choose her family instead?

Eager to learn about Beatrice’s final decision? Grab a copy from the library. Other fantasy novels available include The Cruel Prince and To Paradise.

Mystery books

The book cover for "The New Girl) features a knife with blood dripping.
Image via Goodreads

Have you ever watched Clickbait? If you have, then you know the series finale was shocking!

Unfortunately, Lia has never fit in. So when she wins a scholarship to attend Draycott Academy, she’s determined to make things work. But, as she uncovers Draycott’s secrets, she cannot trust anyone, especially when threats against her take an unexpected turn.

Like Clickbait, The New Girl is worth reading to solve this mystery.

Are you looking for more mystery books that keep you guessing? Then, you should read Seven Dirty Secrets and White Blue Sands.

Now you’re aware of the books at the library. I’m sure there’s something for you to read. So, the next time you feel like reading a book, consider visiting the library website.

You can search for the books and borrow them from there for free. And if you prefer audiobooks or e-books, they’re also available!

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