It’s time for a tuition freeze

Need or Greed – Let’s talk about it, being an international student is expensive!

Whether it’s housing or tuition fees, everything adds up to an excessive price tag. Not to mention, tuition costs can increase yearly by up to 20 percent for international students. Doesn’t this sound like greed?

We think so. That’s why IGNITE has joined multiple other student unions to advocate on behalf of international students, specifically regarding the cost of tuition, in a campaign called Need or Greed. Part of this campaign involved a protest at Queen’s park. Here’s a recap of the Need or Greed protest and what’s next for international students.

Need or Greed campaign

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On Nov. 17, IGNITE, along with several other Ontario college student unions, organized a peaceful protest at Queen’s Park. Students from across Ontario joined in solidarity to demand affordable education. Featuring chants, signs, and speeches from student advocates, students and allies ensured their voices were heard. In addition, the Migrant Workers Alliance supported the movement and echoed the need for change.

Our goal with this campaign is to challenge government officials and post-secondary institutions to mend their actions toward you. We’re demanding a tuition freeze for international students because enough is enough!

Now, you might be wondering what’s next following this campaign. Will there be immediate change? So let’s dive right into the matter.

Here’s what’s next for students

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Our support doesn’t stop here. We will continue to advocate for all international students and ensure that your voices are being heard.

We will:

  • Meet with Humber College and the Government of Ontario to discuss inequitable actions and the need for change
  • Network and build allyship with student associations across Ontario
  • Inform the student population about any latest news or updates from institutions and government officials

We’re here to support you!

IGNITE is committed to helping international students achieve financial security because everyone deserves affordable education.

We know how stressful and challenging it is to manage your finances and it’s important to take care of your wellness and finish the semester strong! Courtesy of IGNITE, you can register to receive a one-year free subscription to Headspace. It offers the perfect combination of meditation activities to improve your well-being.

In need of financial support? Here are ways in which IGNITE is helping international students.

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