“There was a peacefulness to filming here.”

From a psychiatric hospital to a movie set to a post-secondary institution, Humber Lakeshore has gone through many different phases in its lifetime.

After decades, the Lakeshore grounds continue to be an inspiration for storytellers. Back when the Government of Ontario owned the property, it didn’t cost a cent to use it. This led to many production companies using Lakeshore as the backdrop to many feature films.

Check out these three movies filmed right in our backyard– literally:


Police Academy (1984)


Image of character approaching police officer in the film Police Academy

Before Lakeshore was home to Humber College, in 1984 the grounds set the stage for Police Academy. This film starred Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall (a.k.a. Samantha Jones from Sex and the City), and G. W. Bailey as a group of misfit, wannabe cops.

The movie utilized the G building as the administrative building. Still to this day, the G building features some architectural pieces designed specifically for Police Academy; one of the most memorable pieces being the reconstructed facade that had the face of character Commandant Lassard sculpted into it.

Ironically, Humber Lakeshore is home to the Police Foundations program. From Police Academy to a real-life police academy, Lakeshore has come full circle.


Strange Brew (1988) 


Doug and Bob McKenzie sitting on couch during Strange Brew

If you want a good ol’ Canadian laugh, check out Strange Brew, a cult classic directed by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, who also starred as characters Doug and Bob McKenzie. These two brothers help Pam (portrayed by Lynne Griffin) regain control of her family’s brewery following the death of her father. If you’re a Shakesphere lover, you might notice this comedy is loosely based on Hamlet.

Strange Brew truly embodies the rich culture of film making Ontario has. Scenes were shot all around Ontario; the film featured Scarborough, Kitchener, Hamilton, and our very own Lakeshore! Our campus makes a cameo during the last few scenes and stars building G and F.

Although Lakeshore has little to do with the beer community, we do brew up some good comedians such as Humber alum, Debra DiGiovanni!


Suicide Squad (2016) 


Killer Croc from Suicide Squad in tunnel

If you go to Humber Lakeshore, you’ve probably heard tales about the underground tunnels. But, did you know under those very tunnels was Killer Croc from Suicide Squad? Based on the DC Comics, Suicide Squad features several infamous supervillains joining forces to complete a black ops mission assigned by the government.

The GTA starred in a lot of the shooting for the film (meaning Will Smith walked these streets). First home to the psychiatric hospital, Lakeshore’s tunnels provided producers with the perfect environment to capture Killer Croc’s aged prison cell.

Want to experience the tunnels yourself? Head on a tour to discover the great history our campus holds.

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quote taken from an interview with Chime Movies