“We have more of a friendship, not just at school but outside (too)”

Mariana Ferreira.

The first year of post-secondary can be intimidating. You move to a whole new place, and are unsure about whether you’ll like your program or not. But the scariest part is probably not finding new friends at your new school.

Everyone has felt this way at some point in their lives. You’re not alone!

Orientation week is right around the corner, and IGNITE is hosting Speed Friending once again!

We talked to second-year Food and Nutrition Management student, Mariana Ferreira, who attended Speed Friending last year and met one of her best friends at the event.

Ferreira, who is originally from Brazil, moved to Canada in 2022 right before the school year started. She didn’t know anyone from Humber College at that time, and was looking for events on campus to get involved with the Humber community and to meet new people.

She saw the Speed Friending poster and thought it was worth giving it a shot.

Ferreira describes herself as super friendly and says she is open to talking to new people, but also knows that it might be difficult to have a conversation when you meet someone for the first time. She felt that the icebreakers during the event made it easier for students to interact and get to know each other.

Ferreira interacted with many people, and then she got paired with Ariely Reyes and they totally hit it off.

It turned out that they were classmates in the same program and it was friendship at first sight. They went to their first class together and Ferreira said that it was really important because she felt more confident on her first day of school.

“I think you feel more motivated to start a new program if you know someone. For us [Ferreira and Reyes], we’ve become very close, we do everything together, we go out on the weekends – it was a really nice connection,” she says.

Ariely Reyes and Mariana Ferreira taking a selfie.
Ariely Reyes on the left and Mariana Ferreira on the right. Photo by Mariana Ferreira.

Through Speed Friending, Ferreira met one of her best friends. She has someone she can count on in college. She has a special person who is always there for everything – helping with group projects, grabbing coffee or simply talking about life.

Ferreira had an amazing experience at Speed Friending and encourages everyone to give it a shot.

“Even if you are shy, go. You (will) meet new people, you (will)laugh and (meet) at least one person you are going to keep the friendship (with).”

Ariely Reyes and Mariana Ferreira sitting on the grass and posing for a picture.
Ariely Reyes on the left and Mariana Ferreira on the right. Photo by Mariana Ferreira.

That’s what Speed Friending is all about. We want you to have a good time, meet new people and, potentially find your next best friend. Your first-year experience should be fun!

Attend Speed Friending on Aug. 31 at 10 a.m. at the Lakeshore campus, or on Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. at the North campus.

We look forward to having you there!

Head photo courtesy of IGNITE.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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