Thanks to these deals, the struggle to save money is 100 per cent off.

I have two true loves:

  1. Buying new things.
  2. Saving money.

Do you see my problem?

A man wearing a grey sweater with orange headphones around his neck shrugs his shoulders indecisively.

For students like me, money is a universal stressor. It feels impossible to strike a healthy balance between treating yourself and saving for your future. Luckily, some of your favourite companies are going out of their way to make finding that balance a little easier.

Here are eight places you didn’t know offer student discounts:

1. Bulk Barn

A blue-skinned anthropomorphic cartoon creature sits hugging its knees and snacking on a bowl of tortilla chips.

Students save 10% on all regularly priced merchandise every Wednesday. Just show your student ID to the cashier, and your chips and chocolate will get even cheaper!

Study snacks: secured.

2. Apple

Zooey Deschanel silently cheers while sitting at a desk in front of an orange laptop.

Yep, you read that right. You can level up your learning with some affordable tech thanks to Apple’s array of student discounts.

When you buy an eligible MacBook or iPad, you can save up to $250 and get free AirPods with your purchase. However, exact discounts vary depending on the product.

Drop your device? No problem—students also get up to 20% off AppleCare+.

3. Under Armour

A cartoon woman jumps while pumping her arms.

No more silently envying your instructor’s cool workout clothes while you’re powering through Humber’s live fitness classes. Under Armour offers students 10% off all regularly priced merchandise on their website. Just confirm your student status with UniDAYS and they’ll give you your personalized coupon code.

Now you can sweat in style and save your paycheque.


Singer Beyonce Knowles, with pinup-style hair and purple lipstick, lowers her white cat-eye sunglasses while saying, "I got style."

The unofficial king of online clothing stores wants to up your street style by offering you 10% off all regularly priced merchandise.

You can access your discount code by confirming your student status with UniDAYS.

5. Spotify

Students get their first month of Spotify Premium for free. After that, it’s only $4.99 a month—half off of the regular price.

Unlimited songs, playlists, and podcasts for less than a latte? Yes, please!

Pingu the penguin sits on the floor wearing headphones while joyfully tapping the floor next to him.

6. Fresh

Are you trying to eat more plant-based? Do you just really like good food? Either way, Fresh is the place for you. It specializes in vegan and vegetarian fare, but its extensive menu features goodies even the most seasoned carnivores will enjoy.

Present your student ID when you pick up your order and you’ll receive 15% off. It’s a pretty fresh deal if you ask me.

A man wearing a black sweater pretends to play the drums as the words, "Ba dum tss," appear below him.

7. Charlotte Tilbury

Make-up maniacs and skincare savants, rejoice! Getting your foundation fix just got a little easier. Confirm your student status with UniDAYS and you’ll receive a personal promotion code that gets you 10% off all regular priced merchandise.

Actress Shay Mitchell talks on a cell phone as her assistants apply make-up to her. The words "Glam time" appear below her.

8. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban offers students 20% off regularly priced merchandise when they confirm their student status with UniDAYS. And, it’s a good thing they do—you’re going to need some sunglasses since you have so many bright ideas.

Rihanna points and winks.

Speaking of bright ideas, here’s another one: tune in to Earning & Learning Live Thursdays on IGNITE’s Instagram! Your UofGH Student Engagement Coordinator Julia will be chatting with financial expert Chantel Chapman about how you can spend smart while in school.

Student discounts are great, but learning how to manage your money long-term is even better. See you Thursday!

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