Prevention is better than cure.

There is a common misconception that everyone should know first aid if working in the medical industry. And while that’s true, knowing basic first aid can be beneficial in many situations outside of this industry as well.

It is more than CPR and covers a variety of injuries. It refers to administering medical assistance immediately after an injury occurs.

So, here are some situations where first aid can make you a hero.


Idris is choking while eating some hot wings. (first aid)
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What would you do if you saw someone choking severely?

You may be thinking of ways to help them and what better way than knowing first aid?

Sometimes we experience choking by eating too quickly or swallowing fish bones. It can be stopped by coughing to clear the airways. However, if it persists, administering back blows and abdominal thrusts will help!

Cuts and scrapes

Someone is placing a band-aid on a child's leg. (first-aid)
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Your roommate is jamming out to their favourite playlist while dicing some onions. Then, out of nowhere, they yell, “ouch.” They slice their finger while cooking. How can you help?

What you should do is clean the wound immediately and add a band-aid. But, if there is severe bleeding, press firmly over the area with a clean cloth until it stops. After which you can cover it with a bandage.


A cartoon character is pinching her nose and saying "I feel a nosebleed coming on. Definitely not in keeping with my palette."
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Nosebleeds are pretty common during the winter. Not only are they uncomfortable, but it can also be frustrating to hold a tissue near your nostrils every minute.

The best way to treat nosebleeds is to sit upright and avoid tilting your head back to prevent further bleeding. Also, lean forward while pinching the lower end of your nose (close to the nostrils). Apply this pressure for a maximum of 10 minutes.

If it doesn’t stop, consider going to the doctor.

Burns and scalds

Dexter's head is on fire. He is currently running around in a circle.
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It’s possible to come in contact with hot liquid that result in burns. And though your first reaction may be to scream, what you need to do is hold the injury under cold running water. Or, you can apply a cold and wet cloth until the pain reduces.

If severe burns cover most of the body, DON’T USE cold compresses. Instead, call 911 immediately and stay warm by covering up with a blanket.


SpongeBob is in a lot of pain. He has a huge splinter in his finger. (first-aid)
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Have you ever had a splinter before? If you have, it’s the worst feeling ever. There’s a foreign object in your finger, and you’re desperately trying to remove it.

But don’t worry! Here’s what you can do.

Step #1 Use water and soap to wash around the area.

Step #2 Use a clean pair of tweezers along with alcohol and slowly pull it out.

If you’re still struggling to remove it, consider leaving it for some time. Then you can try again later.

Sometimes, our friends, families or ourselves experience injuries. But what happens when they occur and you’re uncertain of what to do? You might feel helpless.

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