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How to start a club

Step 1

Read the Clubs Policy (coming soon) and Clubs Handbook (Coming soon).

Step 2

Complete the Clubs Application Form and Executive Signature Form. (missing correct links)

Step 3

A response will be sent by email to you by the Clubs Coordinator within two business days.

Step 4

Mandatory club training must be completed by two (2) executives. The Clubs and Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with the date of the clubs training meetings.

Club Documents
Requirements for Approval Membership
  • Membership may consist of full-time students and part-time students of Humber College and/or the University of Guelph-Humber. A minimum of ten (10) members shall comprise a club plus two (2) executives: When applying, you must have the full name, email, student number and academic program of all 12 members;
  • IGNITE executives, and any elected student representatives, including directors of the board, shall not be executive members of any club;
  • Club membership is free and open to all students regardless of race, age, gender, religion, culture, ability, and academic program.
  • An executive member for one club shall not serve as an executive member of another ratified club.
  • Confirmation that a club intends to only carry out activities which do not infringe upon any federal, provincial, and municipal laws, and any institutional, residence or IGNITE policies and procedures;
  • Clubs can be approved on a probationary or a fully-approved status;
  • All clubs financial transactions shall be completed through IGNITE;
  • IGNITE clubs shall not have any off-campus events;
  • A minimum of two club executives MUST attend the mandatory club training.
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