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Voting is now open for the 2021-22 IGNITE Elections. Scroll down to see the candidates for your campus and read their bios.

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Alex Sein

Lakeshore Candidate

My name is Alex Sein and I’m in my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree on Lakeshore Campus. I am highly engaged and deeply motivated as a student, entrepreneur, volunteer, educator, husband, and dad. I also possess hands-on experience of serving as a Director on a Students’ Association during my past education in Outdoor Adventure and Leadership.

Since I joined Humber College, I have been involved in Leadership Camp, volunteered with Orientation Team, been part of the FYE & Peer Mentorship Program, recorded segments with the Podcast Club, helped with leading outings for Nature Club, competed in DECA events taking 2 “top 5” spots in Canada, worked on two internships under the Lakeshore Principal’s Office, and have actively volunteered with Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre, leading tours on Lakeshore Campus and building deep community connections through different histories, often with help from organizations like Indigenous Education & Engagement, providing digital programming on the ongoing basis (#TidbitTours).

I’m an immigrant and a Canadian, who’s also a full time student that knows and understands the pressures of tests, virtual learning, and tuition bills. Beyond my experiences, I bring charisma, passion, and strong storytelling voice, which I will use to communicate on all cross-generational levels.

Don’t forget to #vote4dad on March 1st!

Check out my Social Media channels on IG, FB, Twitter, LiN,TikTok, Snapchat, Discord, and Amino @SEINtienTRaMbLN


Ana Sasic

UofGH Candidate

Everyone needs a voice. All of us. Feel like you don’t have one? Let me be yours!

Hi, my name is Ana and I am a second-year Business Administration student at the University of Guelph-Humber. I want to provide an effective, safe and easy communication channel between the students and the Student Body, ensuring that all suggestions are taken into account. The reason I believe I am an excellent candidate for this role is all the previous work and volunteer positions I have had. Being a part of the DECA executive team has strengthened and proven my leadership time management, collaboration and effective communication skills which are all essential for this role. Participating in case competitions on a national level has helped me improve my strategic thinking on the spot and clear presentation of ideas. From my work experience as a Cash Supervisor and a Customer Service Representative at a well-known grocery store, I have learned how important being flexible in order to accommodate your team is. The job itself strengthened my accountability and further improved time management since it was one more thing that had to fit into my schedule. By selecting me, you are choosing a knowledgeable, driven, reliable and passionate leader to represent you.

Andy Do

UofGH Candidate

Hey, IGNITE! My name is Andy Do and I hope to represent Guelph-Humber as a Director of the Board.

Students, as well as myself, are directly affected by the changes that the Board of Directors delivers. I speak with students regularly and listen to the changes they want most. During these unprecedented times, I am determined to bring us back on our feet. As a result of the pandemic and the anticipation of Guelph-Humber’s re-opening, I advocate for relieving student financial hardship that has grievously buried us all. I advocate for fostering student engagement from the social interactions and livelihood that have been briefly stripped from us. Lastly, I advocate for greater accessibility to prioritize inclusiveness and mental health. As a student undergoing the stress of a post-secondary institution, I understand and will empower your voices if you place your trust in me. At the end of the day, “we all in this together” #WAITT

Anthony Grguric

North Candidate

Hi. Some may know me already as I have already been a director on IGNITE’s board. By being on the board it has given me experiences that put me at an advantage to make your time as a student more fulfilling as the ins and outs of doing so are not new to me. On top of this, it is a very indecisive environment where in actuality, I thrive, due to my multiple years serving in the Canadian Army reserve. Here I’ve been trained to follow through with your intentions and to hold your ground when decisions must be made and to not have them take longer than needed; YOU NEED WHAT YOU NEED NOW…NOT LATER. Essentially what Ignite is here to do for you is, support you to make the most out of your educational experience while also supporting your growth as a person which will then effectively prepare you for life after college. This is a goal that I strongly align myself with and believe can be achieved through more social interactions and gatherings between students where the main goal is to find those people who can help you achieve what you’ve always dreamed of accomplishing. Ultimately, you have the right to know, as the voter, know how committed I am to being a fair, reasonable, and integral public servant. This is easily shown in every vote that I participated in while being on the previous Board of Directors as I had never been persuaded by another director to take their side on a matter, instead I rely on my own reasoning and unbiased views to make my decisions.

Eli Ridder

North Candidate

No bio submitted.

Gabi Hentschke

Lakeshore Candidate

As a third-year student of International Development, I possess a diverse set of skills that make me an exceptional candidate. I moved to Canada four years ago and my identity as an international student is a key characteristic that impacts the kind of advocacy work I pursue. Last year, Lakeshore students elected me to represent our campus. During my term I stayed true to my core values, demonstrating integrity and consistency. As a Board Member I have voiced unique concerns related to the experience of international students at Humber. An accomplishment of the Board in 2020 was unanimously approving a $250,000 contribution to an International Students’ Fund that provided financial support to international students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to joint Board decisions, I have been working on a Sustainability Action Plan for IGNITE, a document that highlights key commitments to make sustainability a core value at the student union. I hope to present this document to the Board in March and vote on it.

I seek reelection in 2021 to apply lessons learned and follow closely the implementation of the Sustainability Action Plan after Board approval. I also aim to work closely with campus partners and the CSA to amplify our advocacy efforts, having a greater positive impact on students’ experiences. Your voice matters, #votegabi2021

Gabi Rana

UofGH Candidate

Hi everyone! My name is Gabi Rana and I would love to have the opportunity to be elected as one of your Guelph-Humber Board of Directors for IGNITE.

I understand that being a student during a global pandemic can be challenging, it has changed the way we learn and our collective experience at Guelph-Humber. I’ve also seen the direct toll it’s taken on society, as I’ve had the privilege of working through the pandemic since June of 2020. Being an essential worker, I’ve had to adapt to ongoing changes and I’ve learned that compassion can go a long way. I’ve been working this position since my first year at Guelph-Humber and have continued to keep a well-balanced school, work and home life.

I had the opportunity to work as a START leader during my 2nd year (2019-2020). My time with the other leaders helped me learn how similar our student experiences are. I gained many unique perspectives and learned a lot during these conversations. I’d like to take this knowledge and apply it to ensure that students needs are met no matter the circumstances. A top priority of mine would be encouraging myself and fellow Directors to keep in mind that we are representing students of all backgrounds, sexual orientations and genders. I’d ensure that policies and changes reflect the student population fairly and equally.

Having me as one of your Board of Directors would mean a genuine, diverse and accepting leader representing you. Vote Gabi Rana for 2021-2022 Guelph-Humber BoD! 🙂

Karani Puvanesan

North Candidate

Hello, my name is Karani. To be quite honest with you, I never ran for a position like this in my life and I think this is a huge step for me. Regardless, to be a great candidate is to be in solidarity with individuals and understand their needs and wants. I value helping my community in many ways such as organizing educational/fun programs for youth. This in turn has helped bring the community together and in unity, while essentially allowing students to contribute, feel valued and supported. Without a doubt, this is a role where I would have to organize myself and make sure that my fellow students have a great campus experience. Though the job may be hard, I am confident in myself and up for the challenge. Coming from a background where voices aren’t heard and neglected, I will be there to understand everyone’s voices and promote social inclusivity, while also being transparent. As a student in the Architectural Technology program, I have learned and improved my problem-solving skills as well as achieved great time management and organizational skills. I believe I can be a great source of help and guidance to students as well as a good friend who can lend an ear to fellow students when they need to talk it all out. I also trust that I can be a great leader, which is an important skill that I have been improving on, through multiple leadership positions. I am confident I can fulfill the duties of this position which is why I am running in the IGNITE Elections.

Karly Heard

Lakeshore Candidate


My name is Karly Heard. I’m currently living in a small town in Ontario. I guess you could say I’m a small-town girl looking to share her talents with the world to the best of her abilities. I am 20 years old, I am currently a PR student at Humber college. I also have a background in general business.

I have so much to bring to the table not just for the team, but for the whole Humber community & many more. I have leadership skills as I had done training with Humber, and I had helped with the winter orientation.

I have experience in the events and promotion/advertising industry, I have promoted for some beverage companies, and worked for some companies that create big events throughout Canada every year. I believe that I would be a perfect fit for this position as I am very passionate about connecting with people around the world, sharing/creating a message that makes people think and feel, or just having that short and sweet message that gets people engaged and will want to go to that event, or sign up for something! I have experience using Photoshop, InDesign, and other adobe illustrator tools. I love bringing ideas to life and learning from others and hope that they can learn from me.

What I bring to the board of IGNITE is a friendly face, a smile, a positive attitude, and an eagerness to work with others and contribute ideas to reach goals. You’ll find that I’m a very determined and adaptable kind of person.

Koji Ahmad

Lakeshore Candidate

My name is Koji Ahmad. I am a first-year student in the Humber Comedy Writing and Performance program at Lakeshore. I’m running because I want to advocate for students, I have experience in governance, enjoy connecting and collaborating with other people. Previously, I have served Habitat for Humanity as a Board of Director (BOD) from 2017-2020. I have also served as a BOD for Access to Media Education Society from 2015-2019.

I’ve been the treasury at Habitat, and have experience with funding allocation, fundraising, rules and regulations of Board of Director’s duties. I am a mature student with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I decided to go back to school and study comedy. It’s a new experience for me but it’s given me a diverse background. I can represent the students very well. I’m very regular in different Humber events and am already engaged with students.

I am very committed and can push Ignite’s strategic direction forward. I have many ideas that will benefit students, such as; diverse scholarships, workshops on financial and digital literacy and mental health education. I am committed to helping and leading others and to provide a service. I am an honest and responsible person with a positive attitude. I am great in collaborating with others and being part of a team. I am open and transparent. If I sound like a good candidate to you, please vote for me!

Linda Garcia Contreras

UofGH Candidate

Hi, I am Linda Garcia Contreras. I’m in my second year at Guelph-Humber in the Early Childhood Studies program. I am from El Salvador, so Spanish was the first language I spoke.
During my first year at GH, I was awarded the Student Excellence Award. It’s awarded to a student who supports their peers with strong student leadership. In high school, I was valedictorian, president and vice-president to various clubs, and spokesperson for the multicultural exchange trip. These experiences allowed me to develop my skills of leadership, empathy, communication and co-operation.

I can assist IGNITE in achieving its strategic direction because I have previous experience in managing clubs’ activities and helping with financial decisions. While being vice-president I was part of the discussion on how and when we could do the activities to promote inclusivity throughout the school. This helped me develop my money management and inclusivity skills.
I am in the ECS program because I thought the best way to improve the community and help out was by working with children. I believe that helping is one of the most important aspects of life. Helping others and allowing them to trust you is very important to public service, giving them the confidence that they can come up to you whenever they need support allows for the entire community to feel appreciated and it reassures them that their thoughts, opinions, and well-being will always matter.

Thank you.

Maksym Botte

North Candidate

Dear Voter,

My name is Maksym Botte. I’m in my 4th semester of the Business Administration program. I’m an international Humber student, active citizen, friendly and hardworking person. At Humber, I’ve always tried my best in and out of class. I’ve decided to volunteer as a Peer Mentor for FYE, so I can help first-year students to get involved and make their time in Humber better. Mentorship also contributed to the development of my leadership, communication, and management skills. I’ve also joined the Global Citizenship Certificate, which taught me more about diversity and unity. I consider myself as a challenge-driven, problem-solving, team working person. Appreciate the opportunity given to me so I can run for the Board of Directors. As I’ve mentioned, I’ll try my best to assist IGNITE in achieving its strategic direction and integrity. I hope you consider my skillset as the one that a good director at IGNITE should have.

Have a great day, and stay safe, everyone!

Melany Palacios-Naranjo

UofGH Candidate

Hi! My name is Melany Palacios-Naranjo.

With this position, I will bring up topics that are relevant to students. I intend to be a voice for all and ensure that every student receives the support they need to succeed. This includes advocating for increased job prospects and bettering mental health-related resources. My previous experience with IGNITE as a promotional assistant has enhanced my devotion to our school community. I would love the opportunity to continue to help us grow and be the support you need as your board of directors. I am an advocate for diversity, inclusion and mental health awareness. Additionally, as an active contributor to our community through my involvement within ALPHA PHI SIGMA and GHPLS, I have been able to achieve the utmost integrity, honesty, and discipline within my work. During my time at Guelph-Humber, I have been involved in various mental health studies and aim to use the research I have gained to exceed our campus resources. I have good judgement, outstanding communication skills, and the confidence of the exceptional leadership you deserve. My spot on the board will be a spot for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my pitch and I would greatly appreciate your vote!

Mohammad Sabbir Hossain

Lakeshore Candidate

Mohammad Sabbir Hossain was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During my undergrad days, I was the President of Debate Club and we went on to organize multiple national and international debating tournaments like BDC Pro-Ams, IUB Ascension, IUB WordPlay, etc. I also part of the Champion team at ACCA Ethical Minds 2018. In 2015, my name came in Dean’s Honour List as well. Apart from them this, I have a gamer and have won multiple prizes in FIFA gaming competitions.
Although I have always been active and goal-oriented, I like to help out others whenever I can. I am a big fan of conversations. I always feel fascinated by all the different people and their unique stories. I also understand the struggles we are facing by attending classes online remotely and from so far away. I wish to work towards making the transition much smoother and the fact that we are all part of the big Humber family.

Contact info: +1 (905) 325 2991

Noor Jamil

Lakeshore Candidate

Hello! My name is Noor Jamil and I am third-year Bachelor of Public Relations Student at Humber College. I am currently running for the position of your next Humber Lakeshore Board of Directors!

So, why vote for me? It’s simple! I bring forth strong leadership skills, the ability to form strong relationships with my peers and educators and I genuinely love to be involved in the Humber community!

In 2019, I was chosen to be one of the leaders for the Humber Orientation team where I had the amazing opportunity to connect with fellow students and peers to ensure they are ready for the Humber experience! This correlates with my experience of being a peer mentor where I expanded my knowledge about Humber and how organizations such as IGNITE run. This provided me with the ins and outs of the organization and how I can play a vital role in ensuring its success! I was also part of the executive team at DECA Humber and won 1st place at the 2019 Invitational Conference for Sports and Entertaining Marketing alongside my teammate.

I want to take all of these experiences and be part of the change. I believe in unity. In inclusivity. In doing things for the betterment of society and for the Humber Community.

If elected, I will be your voice! I will be your advocate! I will make sure that the changes you want to see are put into action.

As I enter my final year at Humber, I want to make a difference for you and you can help me in doing that!

Shay Hamilton

Lakeshore Candidate

Are you looking for an ambitious, humorous, approachable, fear-tackler, cheerleader, and student-leader? You’ve come to the right place – that’s me! By representing IGNITE as a Board of Director, I see myself as the strong leader who wants to advocate for the student body and make sure they’re listened to.

If you vote for me as your BoD, you’re electing someone who is genuine, honest, and real. Someone who isn’t scared to bring up difficult subjects, or voice strong opinions to help improve student life. If we as students want change and our voice to be heard, we need opportunities like these to have a seat at the table. So, if I am elected what I’m bringing to the table is someone who is passionate, caring, and an experienced leader in the community.

Through my several involvements on campus such as a Student Ambassador, Leadership Facilitator, and Vice President of IGNITE – I am incredibly grateful to work with students like you everyday. I am committed to focusing on subjects such as mental health, financial literacy, and networking opportunities for future success.

With a background at IGNITE and Humber, I am knowledgeable on our academic structure, opportunities, and how IGNITE operates as our student union.

Collectively, we can shape our college experience to have the best year yet. I want to hear your feedback and concerns. Feel free to send me an email at #VoteShay

Sierra Hayward

Lakeshore Candidate

Hello all you lovely fellow Humber Students!

My name is Sierra Hayward, I am 19- years old and I am running for a position on IGNITE’s Board of Directors for the Lakeshore Campus. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you all with the skills and experience I will bring with me into IGNITES’s Board of Directors:

I possess a number of leadership skills through my involvement with Humber’s Orientation Team and as acting as a Peer Mentor for Humber’s First Year Experience (FYE) Mentorship Program. My involvement with these initiatives have equipped me with effective communication, problem-solving and decision making skills through training – all skills that would assist me in my role as a Board of Director as I advocate on behalf of you all.

Furthermore, I acted as an approachable and accessible individual to all of my mentees in my role as an FYE Peer Mentor who was able to listen to their questions and concerns and provide them with a reasonable solution. I was accountable to my mentees, as I would be for the students of Humber.

When considering decisions as a Board Director I will take into account the feedback of all you Humber students and will work towards ways in which to make your experience at Humber better through improving the welfare of Humber students based on your feedback.

Thanks for your time, and happy voting!

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