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Welcome to the Mature Student Success Club! 🎓

Our club is a place for students aged 19+ to connect with fellow mature students returning to school to enhance their professional skills. We’re here to help you network, make meaningful connections, and bridge the gap between Humber services and mature students. Our approach is all about YOU, the student! We’ll keep you engaged by tailoring our activities to your needs and interests.

Wondering if you’re a mature student? You might be if you fit into any of these categories:

✅ Age: Typically 19 years and older.

✅ Life Experience: Maybe you’ve had a break from formal education to work, travel, or raise a family.

✅ Career Change: Are you here to gain new skills or switch careers?

✅ First-Generation: Being the first in your family to attend post-secondary brings unique challenges.

✅ Balancing Responsibilities: You’re a pro at juggling work, family, and community commitments while pursuing your education. Join us this academic year to Elevate your Experiences and Empower your Journeys.  Follow us on Instagram.

Follow us on Instagram.

Club Contact

President: Shanell Roye
Vice-President: Ajia Hartley
Editor - Dimitry Evanson
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