Start this semester off with a bang!

It’s hard to think school is already starting back up, four months of summer really flies by. Inevitably, September has rolled up once again meaning we have to brace ourselves for assignments, quizzes, exams, our dreaded 8 a.m. classes, and all the fun things that come along with school.

If you’re worried and feeling unprepared for classes to start, check out these five tips and tricks that’ll ensure you shine this school year.


1. Stock up on school supplies

a variety of assorted coloured pens on sale at shop

The last thing you need is to be scrambling to get your school supplies the day before classes start. Skip the dread of having 20 pens that haven’t worked since you used them last semester and buy everything you need beforehand (If you’re looking to recycle old pens check out Humber’s pen waste collection!).  Make a list of all the products you absolutely need so you don’t have to be that person borrowing from everyone else.

Here’s a list of all the must-have products to include in your shopping list:

  • Red, black, and blue pens/pencils
  • Erasers/whiteout
  • Highlighters
  • An agenda (Better yet, pick up your FREE agenda from the IGNITE office on your campus)
  • A notebook
  • Binders, paper and dividers for each course
  • Sticky notes
  • A backpack, lunch bag, and pencil case (if yours won’t make it through another year)


2. Print out your course outlines

woman wearing glasses staring at laptop while biting two pencils

Chances are you’ve already figured out your Fall 2019 class schedule and seen all the professors that you will have this upcoming year. Your next step is printing out your course outlines. Your syllabuses are an essential component for your back to school success as they detail all the vital information you’ll need for each course. In these handy sheets, you’ll find your professor’s contact information, your room number, the course’s learning outcomes, the required textbooks, and most importantly all your assignment deadlines, test dates, AND what each assignment is worth.

Having these printed out and ready will allow you to be ready for each class. From there, you can fill your agenda with all the important dates and how much each assignment is worth.


3. Prep your agenda

agenda with coffee cup on table

Agendas are a great tool to ensure you are prepped for success. Use your agenda alongside your course outlines to mark all your due dates, tests, and appointments in one convenient place. This will allow you to visually see when everything is due and which weeks will have the heaviest workloads to ensure you don’t miss a due date.

As an extra tip, use sticky tabs to mark all your due dates. Separate each class by a different colour so you can quickly flip through your agenda and find each class and assignment you are looking for. Agendas will also help in planning your time according to your workload. Juggling school, a part-time job, and some form of social life isn’t easy. By managing your time you can make sure you’re on track to reach each one of your goals.

If you haven’t gotten an agenda yet,  drop by the IGNITE office in KX202 at North Campus or K building at Lakeshore Campus to pick up your free agenda!


4. Get all necessary textbooks

body shot of person wearing backpack and carrying books

I know, I know–buying textbooks sucks. Whether we like it or not, for many classes, textbooks are needed to ensure your success. If you know you’ll need certain titles, buy them beforehand! This gives you time to buy a used copy from an upper-year student at a much cheaper price. You’ll also have a chance to get a head start on readings that may be needed for your first lecture.

For a painless and budget-friendly textbook hunt this semester, check out these ideas.


5. Fix your sleep schedule

hand holding alarm clock

If you’re anything like me, chances are your sleeping schedule is ALL over the place right now. From sleeping late to waking up even later–your body is probably far from prepared for your 6 a.m. alarm clock come September. Ease yourself into the school year by starting to go to sleep earlier at least a few days before classes start. Once you nail a routine, it’ll make mornings a little less of a drag.

It won’t be easy, but I promise you’ll get there… eventually. If you’re having trouble fixing your schedule make sure to try these tips to catch up on your much-needed ZZZ’s. And hey–if that doesn’t work you could always stop by the Sleep Lounge for a quick pre-class nap.

IGNITE can’t wait to see you this Fall!

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