You got this!

Whether it’s your first time on campus or your last “first-day” of school; the first day of classes can be overwhelming.

We’ve listed some tips below that will ensure you’re well-prepared for your first day on campus.

Gather your supplies

Professors will often upload the textbook(s) needed to complete the class in advance. It’s always a good idea to check that list and try to buy them before the first class. This way, you can usually avoid waiting in the long line at the bookstore and your professor will be extra impressed with how prepared you are!

a disney wizard dancing around while books magically fall into his bag

Also, don’t forget to grab pens, pencils, notebooks and any other stationery items you might need. We put together some great tips for back to school shopping on a budget!

Plan transportation

After commuting here for three years, I’ve mastered my transportation route and can usually get to class/work early. Unless there are “signal problems” or “minor delays” on the subway, *ahem* TTC. It’s important that you plan your route beforehand and allow yourself some extra time to get to class, especially if you don’t know the area or don’t know the campus very well.

man looking at map while driving

Take a look at the school map

Now I don’t know about you, but when I first started at Humber I got lost almost every day during my first week. Campus maps came in super handy. There are school maps at the back of the IGNITE agenda and you can find them online as well. Trust me – having these on hand will help you big time and if you’re still unsure after looking at the map, don’t be afraid to ask someone, I know I definitely did!

You can pick up your free IGNITE agenda at KX202 at the North campus and at the K Building at Lakeshore.

A lady with a map in the middle of the dessert, looking lost.

Read the course outline

Chances are your prof will go through the course outline on the first day but if you read it earlier, you can prepare any questions you may have and you won’t be as surprised when the prof says you have a paper due in two weeks!

A man reading a comic book behind a novel

Finally, don’t forget to come to say hi to us at IGNITE in-person at the North campus in KX202 and the Lakeshore campus in K building! Events, services, and clubs are just some of the things IGNITE provides to ensure a stress-free school life. Keep up with our social media and website so you don’t miss out on everything IGNITE has to offer.