The winter semester is a great time for Humber and Guelph-Humber students to show off their signature styles.

The colder weather gives students the opportunity to display their coolest accessories like trendy winter coats, toques, and boots.

Here are some of the best looks Humber students had during Winter Orientation.

rupa and charmel looking at each other in student centre
Rupa, Massage Therapy, Humber College (left) Charmel, Early Childhood Education, Humber College (right)


Charmel: “Comfortable, always very comfortable. We like to copy each other’s style.”

Rupa: “Our fashion line would be called Cocomel fits.”

two male students standing next to each other with a woman standing in the background
Divjot Arneja, Electrical Technician, Humber College (right) Gargandeep Singh, Humber College (left)


Divjot: “I’d describe my style as cool. In the winter we have to wear jackets because it’s cold so it’s fun to switch our style up.”

Gargandeep: “I just try and keep my style simple.”

Younje, Humber College
Younje, Humber College


Younje: “Just black, I like black. It’s my first day so I want to draw inspiration from the other people here, but I have my own style.”

Samantha, Business Administration, Humber College (right), Tyler, Business Administration, Humber College (left)
Samantha, Business Administration, Humber College (right), Tyler, Business Administration, Humber College (left)


Samantha: “I try different styles and different things, gotta keep it updated. I like my style.”

Tyler: “Whatever goes for me, but you gotta keep it up to date.”

Francine, Fashion Arts & Business, Humber College
Francine, Fashion Arts & Business, Humber College


Francine: “My style is cute, chic, tomboyish, but relaxed at the same time. I like Angela Simmons she’s always cute, she does a mixture of everything so that’s kinda like me. I want my clothes to reflect my feelings on a given day. As for Winter style, I’m from Jamaica and this is my first Canadian Winter, so it’s gonna to be a new experience in style for me and I’m looking forward to it.”

man with beard with one hand in his jean pocket and the other holding his jacket
Balkar, Electromechanical Engineering Technology, Humber College


Balkar: “I just try to keep up with the popular fashion trends going on. My style changes, every season, every year, you have to go with the flow.”

Are you looking for a chance to show off your signature style? Come out and chill at the IGNITE Frost Week Full Moon Party on January 13th. Entry is free. See you there!