You can.

Being a student is hard. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of assignments, making an income, trying to maintain a social life, and other day-to-day responsibilities. On top of that, we often receive both constructive and negative criticism as we try to accomplish these tasks. While trying to maintain all things, along with feeling pressure from all these different areas in our life, it can be a lot.

It is easy to lose ourselves in these tasks, we often forget that we ARE a priority beyond our responsibilities. As we leave little to no time for ourselves to hit reset, it often leaves us fizzling and burning out, sometimes it causes us to mistreat those closest to us as a result (I’m totally guilty of this).

Although it’s been a stressful few months, by paying closer attention to myself, I’ve seen my life improve. Here’s what I mean:

1. You’ll do better in school

stack of books with cup of coffee on table

The better you treat yourself, the better your focus will be. If you are constantly making yourself the last priority, you will likely have a more difficult time putting your full concentration into your school work. Life is all about balance. The more balanced you are, the more happy and confident you will be, and your grades will follow along.

2. Confidence is key

Women wearing sunglasses with hand in hair

When we don’t take care of ourselves, it affects the decisions we make along with the way we perceive certain situations. Begin making decisions and responses for yourself as opposed to other people, and you will feel more satisfaction and happiness. Your needs are just as important! Along with this, you’ll stop looking for approval from others, because you will KNOW that you are simply good enough.

3. Start enjoying time alone

Man laying on mountain reading book

As a result of social media and societal pressure, there seems to be a stigma around spending time by ourselves. We feel pressured to always be around other people, but who says you can’t just enjoy a day out on the town by yourself? Leave space for you, and just you. Make time for activities that you love independently, and go out and do them. The fear of independence and being alone will diminish. It will become refreshing and empowering.

4. Other people will notice a change in you

students walking in hallway

Not that you need approval from others but people around you will definitely notice a difference. The more you make yourself a priority, the happier you will be. This will be projected, and you will likely treat people around you in a better way. From there, your relationships with those close to you will change for the better.

5. Decreased anxiety

As you trust in yourself more, it is likely that you won’t overthink things as often. Anxiety is a huge barrier that so many people deal with on a day-to-day basis. Learning self-love won’t necessarily make your anxiety go away, but it can dramatically improve it. As anxiety is associated with a lot of second-guessing and worrying, simply trusting in yourself will make a huge difference in improving your day-to-day life.

If you are struggling, never be afraid to reach out for support.

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