As students, we know that finding new study tips can be helpful. But where you study might have just as much to do with your success as how you study.

Everyone has their own way of learning, and their own preferred place to hit the books. For some, it’s the quiet comfort of home (maybe even in their bed). For others the Humber library is the only place where they can focus. With exams coming up, we thought you might like to know where other Humber and Guelph-Humber students study best. Maybe their ideas will help you find a new favourite study spot!

Rubina, Manpreet, Harman, Pawan
Rubina, Manpreet, Harman, Pawan, all four studying Information Technology Solutions

“We like to study here in Gratitude Hall.”

Mica, Nicole
Mica and Nicole, both studying Psychology

“The Library.”

“Quiet Spaces.”

Adam, Brandon
Adam and Brandon, both studying Fitness and Health Promotions

“At home when I’m alone.”

“At Starbucks!”

Fidelia Ofasu and Shanygca N
Fidelia Ofasu, Broadcast Radio, and Shanygca N, Business Administration


“The Library”

Manvir DulayManvir Dulay, Business Management

“LRC 3rd floor”

Jeongeun Cho
Jeongeun Cho, Bachelor of Nursing

“LRC 3rd floor”

If get tired of all the studying and need a nap break, don’t forget to visit the IGNITE Sleep Lounge at your campus.

Happy exam-season everyone!