Streaming services to “watch” while you browse Instagram on your phone.

Leonardo DiCaprio has a private island. Kim K has her yacht. Students? We have Mr. Noodle and our 13-inch laptops. College can be expensive, and so can going out. That’s why streaming services were born.

Now we can be entertained without ever having to leave the house. The real question is, what’s the best streaming site for you? By the end of November 2019, Canada will have at least four streaming options: Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. All of which have their own exclusive shows and content.

That’s a lot to choose from. That’s why I will be breaking down the price and the big shows on each platform so you can decide which one you want. Here we go.


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4 days. #GameofThrones

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Crave is a streaming service owned by Bell I know that’s a red flag for most people, but wait, let me finish. The cost of Crave is only $10/month. If you’re already with Bell, the service is built into your package, making it free-ish. Crave provides you with a rich catalogue of shows, but is lacking movies. So if you are a movie buff, this one might not be for you.

There is an option to get HBO and The Movie Network for an additional $10 a month. This will give you a greater movie selection as well as access to the newest HBO shows (the basic Crave package only gives you the HBO series that have already finished). For the complete range of content, you will be paying the steepest price out of all the options at $20/month.

There are some TV show gems and must-watches on this platform. This includes Game of Thrones. Need I say more? One of the biggest shows of all time can be viewed with your Crave membership — even if the last season was a little, ugh, so-so. That’s 67 hours of dragon slaying, backstabbing, sister-smooching, content at your disposal. They also have hit shows like The Sopranos, The Handmaid’s Tale, South Park, and Chernobyl. Crave produces some original content as well. Letterkenny is one such show. If self-deprecating Canadiana is something you enjoy, Letterkenny might be the one for you.


Old faithful. Ditching Netflix would be like saying goodbye to your best friend. How could you do that? But as more competitors enter the market, you might be thinking, “What’s Netflix done for me lately?”

Netflix is $10/month and has been the standard streaming option for Canadians since it entered the market in 2010. Netflix’s biggest original show is currently Stanger Things among other great originals like Big Mouth, Mindhunter, Master of None and Orange is the New Black.

Netflix has a large comedy section and has produced some of the biggest stand-up specials to date. They also have some long-running series from other networks—or as I like to call them, “I’m-too-lazy-to-watch-something-new shows.” Friends, The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are all reasons to consider Netflix. That said, Netflix does not own these properties. This means you could eventually lose access to the shows you love. The Office is already set to leave Netflix in January 2021, so binge it now, or forever hold your peace.

Netflix will continue to be an excellent option to choose, and the company will continue to release interesting original content. Just know that other options might suit your tastes better. 

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is by far the best value for your dollar as you will receive a bounty of services for little more than $3/month!

This three-dollar rate is specific to students, with the academic pricing being 50% off the original cost. Jeff Bezos may look like a supervillain, but he’s the hero students deserve. For the cost of your Tim Horton’s coffee, you get Prime Video, as well as: Free two-day shipping on all Prime-eligible products, Prime Music, Twitch Prime, Prime Photo and other exclusive deals. What more can you get for $3 a month? Nothing.

Amazon Prime Video has many award-winning shows and movies as well as an extensive catalogue of content. One of the big hitters on the Amazon platform right now is The Boys. It takes place in a world where superheroes are corrupt. A group called “The Boys” use ultra-violence to put these heroes in their place. If you want a show that’s like a Marvel movie directed by Quinton Tarantinolook no further. Looking for films? Manchester by the Sea and The Big Sick are both Amazon originals that have been nominated for Oscars. The Man in the High Castle, Hanna, Transparent and Catastrophe are also great shows on Prime Video.


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High key obsessed with Loki.

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Everyone knows Disney. They were the first ones to teach you about the fragility of life by showing you the tragic death of Bambi’s mom. Fun. Now they’re taking on Netflix with their own streaming service. Disney+ will be coming to Canada in November 2019 and will be $9/month. That’s one dollar less than Crave and Netflix. Wow! Think of the savings.

We don’t know what will be on the platform, but we can predict Disney+ will bring some massive titles. Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Fox, ABC, National Geographic and ESPN are all owned by Disney. That’s a lot of stuff. It also means any of the Disney content that was on Netflix will now be on Disney+. Some of the big draws for Disney+ will be the Marvel and Star Wars movies. They will also be making new shows, with Marvel’s Loki and Star Wars’ The Mandalorian set to be released on the platform.

What else will be on Disney? Honestly, just name a show or movie, and Disney probably owns it. It is yet to be seen whether Disney+ will be a successful streaming service. I’d say considering the money and content Disney has, it’s a safe bet that it’ll be great.

If you are a Disney/Marvel/Star Wars nut, this will definitely be the right service for you.

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