Hello spring!

The birds are chirping and spring is just about here! I couldn’t be more excited to immerse myself in warmer weather, brighter skies and better times overall.

Here are some essentials that I’m carrying around this season:

1. Sephora cleansing & exfoliating wipes

Flatlay of Sephora Cleansing and Exfoliating Face wipes

My skin is very much combination, meaning that when the sun is out it tends to be a bit more on the oily side. I’m obsessed with these! When the weather warms up, I prefer to be a bit more bare-faced. If I need a quick touch up or cleanse, I just use one of these. One side of the cloth is rougher for exfoliating and the other is smooth making them the perfect all-in-one makeup remover and exfoliator.

2. MAC translucent powder

Image result for mac translucent powder loose

As I mentioned, my skin gets oiler in the warmer months. When I’m wearing makeup and I feel my skin getting a little oily, I just brush on some translucent powder and problem solved! Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good highlight, just not the natural kind if you know what I’m saying. This powder is my favourite for keeping my skin looking on fleek all day long.

3. Hydro Flask water bottle

new hydroflask colors

We all know the importance of staying hydrated. But this is especially the case in warmer weather! We all know how much of a bummer it is when we have to buy a $4 bottle of water. So invest in one of these instead and fill up whenever you want! It’s a better choice for your wallet and the environment too!

4. Sunnies… plenty of ’em

Variety of sunglasses lying as frame on mint colored wooden background. Top view point, flat lay.

The perfect pair of sunglasses can really make or break an outfit. Sunglasses are one of my favourite accessories for the warmer seasons! I love to have a few different pairs in my bag wherever I go. I purchase most of my shades from thrift stores downtown, but if I get a full-time job in my field of work I plan to splurge on something a bit nicer this year!

5. Burts Bee’s Pomegranate Chapstick

Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip BalmI wear more lipstick in the colder months but go for a natural look in the warmer days. This balm has just the slightest rose tint to it while keeping lips rejuvenated and smooth. This is my fave chapstick of ALL TIME, folks! Grab yours here.

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