Fashion yourself in.

If the thought of an interview gives you palms so sweaty it makes the real Slim Shady jealous, then you’re not alone.

After attempting to sound as cordial as possible and having a firm handshake, you also have to worry about nailing your outfit. Depending on your field, your workplace attire will differ, but a good first impression is always a home run. Whether you have internships on the brain or are finally making your first career move, IGNITE is here to help.

IGNITE’s Dress for Success contest is coming up fast. Workplace wardrobe need a revamp? Submit your application by March 25, 2020, for a chance to win the makeover of your dreams.

In this episode of Adulting 101, your North VP Shay hosts a fashion show to highlight what you shouldn’t wear to an interview:

Now that you know exactly what not to wear, submit your Dress for Success application, and let us do the rest!

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