Life’s a game, but we’ve got the cheat codes.

We’re always on the lookout for simple ways to boost our productivity when studying for a test.

TikTok has become the perfect place to discover new trends and productivity tips. From Hailey Beiber’s blueberry milk nails to creators’ sharing their student journey, you can find it all.

While it is great to have so many options, sometimes they don’t seem to make sense. To avoid funny situations where you follow a step-by-step tutorial of making egg by putting candles around your stove, we have created a list of hacks that actually work.

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Practice exams


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If your usual way to prepare for a test involves practice tests, you absolutely need to check out this TikToker’s advice!

Just type “site:edu (the subject you are studying) exam,” on Google, and you will find tons of practice exams with complete answer keys, all at your finger tips. Say goodbye to last-minute stress, thanks to practice tests.

Keep track of your deadlines


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You can finally say goodbye to the stress of not meeting deadlines, this spreadsheet is a total game-changer!

Simply follow the steps provided by this TikToker and you’ll never have to worry about missing your deadlines again. And hey, If you’re not a fan of spreadsheets, you can stop by the IGNITE offices at both Lakeshore and North campuses and snag yourself an IGNITE Agenda. It is a perfect tool to help you stay organized and keep track of all things.

IGNITE agendas in the IGNITE's office at the North Campus.
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Meal preps


my biggest money saving hack as a student ! Been doing it all 4 years! Anyone else do this? #studenttips #studentlife #costcohacks #moneysaverhack

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Cooking demands something most of us don’t seem to have enough of – time.

Weekdays are a whirlwind of classes and assignments, making it impossible to cook fresh meals. We’ve got a solution! You can prep your meals in advance for the entire week. Not only does it save time, but it also keeps you healthy and fueled up for your classes. Buying your ingredients in bulk also helps you save some money.

If you’re not exactly Gordon Ramsey’s prodigy, no worries! IGNITE has got you covered. Just swing by our Soupbar locations at Lakeshore and North campuses and pick up one of our mouthwatering soups.

Level up your budget control


Here’s how you can create your own 50/30/20 budgeting spreadsheet in Google Sheets. This budget rule means that 50% of your paycheck goes to needs; 30% to wants and 20% to savings. #budgeting #budget #budgettemplate #503020rule #budgetingtips #budgetingtiktok #budgetplanning how to budget by paycheck how to budget for beginner budgeting spreadsheet template budget planning money budgeting

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The “50/30/20 Budget Rule” is a simple yet effective way to keep your spending in check. Thanks to this this handy spreadsheet, you can effortlessly manage and evaluate the amount of money you are putting into needs, wants and savings.

And remember, if you ever find yourself facing an emergency financial crisis, IGNITE has your back. We offer scholarships, bursaries and financial relief services to relieve your financial stress.

Pretend to be a teacher

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Ever heard of the Feynman Technique? Named after Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, it’s a concept that suggests if you really want to understand something, try explaining it in simple terms to someone else. So, why not take a moment to explain what you’re learning to a classmate or, maybe even your bedroom wall?

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