Why? Because it just makes sense…

In a year where everything has been different, I have been fortunate enough to be living in a student house with all of my best friends.

All together we are 12 students, split over two units: seven upstairs and five in the basement.

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I know it’s shocking, but don’t worry, we actually have more than enough space! Since it’s two units we also have two kitchens, two living rooms, we each have our own bedroom, and we have lots of common space. And, believe it or not, we’ve never had issues with bathroom schedules (so far).

If you watch TikToks you’ve likely seen the “things in our house that just make sense” trend and this is just that. To say the least, we’ve got some fun things in our house that for us, as students, just make sense. Here is a list of the top 9 things in my student house that, you guessed it… just make sense!

A post-it note wall where we test our vertical jump

post-its on a wall

We’re a competitive bunch. One night we started a post-it wall to test how high we could each jump and ever since we keep adding to it. Every once and a while you’ll just hear someone jumping in the hallway trying to beat their last record.

So far, even though I’m only 5’7 and two of the guys are 6’4, I am winning – but I won’t tell my secret for how I got it that high.

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Various items as *decoration*

two calendars hanging on a wall

When your budget is tight, anything can serve as decor. Our local Mandarin sent us a couple of their calendars/menus with our orders and ever since it’s been hanging on our living room wall! We also inherited some great puzzle wall art from the previous owners that we never gotten around to taking down, so they’re just a part of the decor now. Also, bonus points if you spot our IGNITE blanket!

a puzzle on a wall

A pasta cabinet

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Every student diet includes a ridiculous amount of pasta, and our house is no exception. We have two large cabinets full of dry pasta, and almost every single one of us has multiple boxes of KD or Annie’s mac & cheese ready for any time. Affordable and filling.

The Etobicoke-opoly game for school spirit

In true Humber & UofGH school spirit, we spotted this Etobicoke-opoly game while on a board game hunt at Walmart, and it was a no-brainer. Humber College is one of the locations on the board and made for a hot commodity.

Large amounts of coffee

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Another staple to every student’s diet is caffeine, and we sure do have a lot of that. At almost any time of the day, especially around exam time, you’re sure to smell someone brewing some coffee. We’ve got a large amount at our disposal at all times, and for worst-case scenarios, there’s a Tim Hortons down the street. #StressedButBlessed.

Our “BBQ Graveyard”

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Before we even moved in, there were two barbecues in the backyard, and we brought two more of our own. The originals were broken, but they fit into the collection quite well. Our growing collection of barbecues in the backyard has come in handy since that seems to be the only cooking some of us can actually do! Believe it or not, you can get tired of meat and potatoes.

An old tv that doesn’t really work but it’s free so… Yay!

a television on a fireplace mantel

When your grandparents want to give you something for free for your student house, you take it. Free stuff is always great stuff! It might have been a hard time connecting the TV to our laptops, and it might also make a weird buzzing noise when the volume gets a little too high, but… it works!

Lights that work (sometimes)

a light switch that says it only works sometimes

When you live in student housing, you can’t be picky about the little details. Some of our light switches work, some of them don’t, and some only work sometimes. It definitely made for a fun discovery when we first moved in, and couldn’t figure out why the one light wasn’t working.

Hawks merchandise right at the front door

A humber hawks scarf hanging from the wall

As Humber and UofGH students, we need to represent our school team and support the Humber Hawks even though we might not be able to see them play this year. Right at the front door as you walk in, we’ve got a Hawks scarf hanging on the wall so that everyone knows this is Hawks territory!  

Living with friends in a student house is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I definitely recommend it to anyone! Being bubbled together has truly been an unexpected but great experience.

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Of course, to ensure that everyone is staying safe during these weird times, we make sure to follow all the health and safety regulations put in place by the officials. We get groceries delivered, and we limit all other outside exposure to family.

I hope you enjoyed our list of things in my college house that just make sense. What weird things do you have in your student house? Let us know at @shareignite!

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