Who knew we had so many parks?

Spending all this time at home is making me relive memories I didn’t know I had. Like that time I got lost in the zoo at 12–or all of high school.

You know, embarrassing stuff.

Mariah Carey saying, "I don't know her."
Me looking at any photo of myself taken before 2019.

But, along with the slew of uncomfortable memories, I’ve had some good ones. For example, at my 14th birthday party, my friends and I did a photo scavenger hunt. We created a list of silly pictures to take — like posing on a park bench — and competed to see who could snap the most creative shots. Laughing and looking through our photos at the end of the night was such a blast — it was definitely one of my most memorable birthdays.

I think it’s about time to do it again.

It’s easy to practice physical distancing when you’re outside taking pictures. Plus, having a list of tasks to complete is great motivation to explore parts of Toronto you might never have seen. Safety — check. Fun — check. A photo scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for summer 2020.

A young man taking a picture.

So, grab your camera, your mask, and send this checklist to your group chat so you and your friends can compare photos.

You’re about to take on the GTA from behind the lens.

Here’s what you need to capture:

  1. Yourself posing by a picnic table in Christie Pits
  2. Red graffiti in Graffiti Alley
  3. The city skyline from Chester Hill Lookout
  4. Yourself sitting under a tree in Sylvan Park
  5. Yourself with a bird in Colonel Samuel Smith Park
  6. A sunset or sunrise in Humber Bay Park East
  7. A building with more than 30 windows
  8. A sign featuring the number two
  9. Something yellow in Windfields Park
  10. A docked boat
  11. Yourself posing by a bus stop
  12. Something shaped like a heart in Heart Lake Conservation Area
  13. A building with a revolving door
  14. Your reflection in Lake Ontario
  15. Something made of wood in Sunnybrook Park
  16. Someone you live with smelling a flower in Edwards Gardens
  17. Yourself posing with something the same height as you
  18. A three-pointed leaf in Port Credit Memorial Park
  19. A dog at Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park
  20. Yourself posing by a fountain

A woman taking a selfie with her arm outstretched.

If you want an extra challenge, set a time limit and try to take all your pictures before it runs out. However you decide to complete it, this photo scavenger hunt is in your hands—the most important thing is that you have fun.

Three, two, one, say cheese!

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