Let this star give you a sign.

Jameela Jamil is a fierce leader.

She fights for the inclusion and visibility of marginalized people, and she’s never afraid to say what she thinks. So, inevitably, she’s had a ton of mic drop moments with quotes we retweeted until our fingers got sore.

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I think people think that because I’m one of the only people in my industry going this hard, and being this relentless/annoying, that I want to be the only one. That I want the attention and the glory… I don’t. I want to encourage others to join me so we can do this together. I’m not trying to take up space. It’s happening because it’s rare to see a woman get this riled up about how we attack the mental health of our society. I don’t want it to be rare. I literally can’t do this all by myself. I need the @i_weigh community. I need you. Your voices are the ones that help me create real change. I get held to impossible standards sometimes. I get expected to fix everything overnight. I wish I could. I get why people pile so much pressure onto me, and why they scrutinize my every move, it’s because I care, and I’m listening. They don’t come for people who do nothing at all to help them, and who continue to be problematic, and promote anti-fatness, because they know… those people aren’t listening. But I am listening. So I take in all the voices: all the pain and all the frustrations. And the thing I have to do, is stop taking it personally and use that frustration, as fuel for my fight. It’s going to take a while. If it was easy to dismantle rampant anti-fatness in society; we wouldn’t be at an all time high of eating disorders, and the diet industry wouldn’t be thriving in 2019. There is so much to unpack, unlearn and undo. I’ll never stop. But it’s a long road. And I wish more activists were let into the spaces I am to talk about these things. It hurts my heart that only the privileged are listened to. I was once the fat activist who nobody listened to. And now that I’m slim, it’s as if I’m saying brand new words. I said these exact same things, (that we have all been saying) a decade ago. So what do I do? Not take advantage of that privilege and use it for good? Or do I use it to grow a platform that will bring wonderful new writers and activists to more people, And to get big conversations into the mainstream? That’s what I want to do. I’ve tried every other way as an activist; and so far this is the only way that has worked: the Trojan Horse method. ❤️

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In anticipation of her Real Talks event on March 5, we took our favourite quotes and paired them up with all the zodiac signs to give you your very own Jamil-ified horoscope:

If I could describe myself in a few words I’d say brave, ridiculous and authentic.

As the youngest sign, you have a youthful charm about you. You’re not afraid to try new things, you know how to find the humour in everyday situations and, above all, you’re totally and genuinely you. Jamil put it best: brave, ridiculous and authentic.

Kind of sounds like a certain beloved character on The Good Place, don’t you think?

Kill the bully inside your head.

Just like this England-born actress and activist, Taureans are stubborn in the best way. You won’t take no for an answer, even when people say you can’t do something. Your grounded, thoughtful nature makes you your loved ones’ number one supporter. Turn that energy inwards, and your inner bully won’t stand a chance. Next stop, Jameela Jamil-level confidence!

There’s value in the humility of being willing to accept you don’t have all the answers.

Your most prominent traits are your sharp wit and unwavering adaptability. No matter the situation you’re thrown into, you adjust accordingly and come out on top, all while making it look effortless.

For example, if you were, say, an English teacher living in England with no acting experience who moved to Los Angeles on a whim, we bet you could land your dream role in an Emmy-nominated show. How? Well, as Jamil said, you’re humble enough to admit you don’t know everything, which means you’re constantly learning.

You’re a gem, Gemini!

You are legendary even when you fail because you tried!

Oh, Cancer. You’re warm, kindhearted and fiercely loyal, and we love you for it. Your emotional depth means you’ll stop at nothing to make your loved ones feel cared for — especially on the bad days. If anyone were going to start an online advocacy platform to uplift marginalized voices, it would be you.

You remind us we’re legendary, and that’s what makes you a legend.

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Screams in Tahani.

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If you don’t ask, no one is just going to give you anything in this world.

Confident and independent, Leos are never afraid to stand up for their beliefs. You stay true to yourself no matter what, in the same way Jamil stayed true to herself by asking not to be airbrushed on a magazine cover.

Ask and you shall receive!

I see criticism that is constructive as the path to evolution.

There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the flaws in something in order to make it better, and nobody understands that better than you, Virgo. You’re reliable, meticulous, and practical–meaning you’d have no problem embodying Jamil and challenging issues in the beauty industry.

Acknowledging the problem is the first step to improvement, after all!

You can’t measure a woman’s worth on a weighing scale.

Did we pick this quote because the symbol for Libra is the scale, and the pairing was too perfect to pass up? We’ll never tell.

But the point is, Jameela’s been incredibly vocal about rewriting the social narrative to focus more on women’s triumphs rather than their tummies. Libras are known for their love of beauty, but beauty goes way beyond the body.

No shame in ignorance that is being addressed and replaced with education and knowledge.

Cunning, strategic, and endlessly curious–Scorpios are always learning. You’re not afraid to admit when you’re wrong, because you know addressing your past prejudices helps you evolve into a more well-rounded person. Chances are you’re looking forward to the launch of Jamil’s upcoming I Weigh YouTube channel, so you can share your thoughts and learn from your peers.

Knowledge is power!

I spoke my truth. Whether it was right or wrong.

Sagittariuses are known for their honesty, and if there’s one honest celebrity, it’s Jameela Jamil. This multitalented media woman has never been afraid to let people know exactly what she thinks, especially when it comes to the double standards for men and women.

Like her, you speak your mind–whether you’re right or wrong. Although, we’d argue it’s always right to share your truth.

Most people will be forever haunted by the words ‘what if?’ Don’t be that person.

When Jameela Jamil was 21, she met a man in a pub who told her about an upcoming audition to be a TV presenter. She went for it and became a household name nearly overnight. That’s probably the most Capricorn thing a person could do! You’re a bunch of astrological go-getters — you’re ambitious, persistent, and never afraid to chase after what you want.

“What if?” isn’t part of your vocabulary (or Jamil’s!).

Selfishness gets a bad rep…we all need and deserve to be selfish now and then and take time out for ourselves for self-care.

You live in your own little world and that’s just how you like it. You know yourself inside and out, so you know how important it is to put yourself first. Jamil prioritizes her mental health with exercise, as evidenced by her recent partnership with Zumba.

Whether it’s sweating, sleeping, or snapping selfies, you can always find a way to practice self-care.

I’m not a superhero, but I would like to try and help people.

Pisces are compassionate, kind, and in-tune with others’ feelings. Oh, and they’re zodiac twins with Jamil herself! The activist was born on February 25, so she shares in all your Piscean peculiarity. It makes sense that this quote sums her up so perfectly!

While her successes certainly warrant celebration, what makes Jamil so special is her humanness. She’s an ordinary person who just wants to make the world a better place.

And doesn’t that make her a superhero?

Don’t forget to secure your spot at Jameela’s Real Talks event on March 5!

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