“Your personality is your business card.” – Jay Danzie

According to science, you have five to seven seconds to make a good first impression. Whether it’s a job interview, an event or meeting a professor, a first impression can be what stands between you and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Stressful, right? But, it doesn’t need to be! Check out these tips and resources to get it right the first time:


Start on social media 

Betty White saying "I'm also on Facebook and the Twitter"In this day and age, having a PG 13 social feed is just as important as having a strong resume. It was estimated in 2018 that 70 per cent of employers use social media to screen potential candidates. Not only is it important to have a strong image for your career’s sake, but keep in mind your family, friends, and significant other’s grandma who also found your Instagram.

Start on LinkedIn with a killer headshot photo! Career Services has a free photoshoot for LinkedIn headshots on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 11 a.m. at both North and Lakeshore campuses.


Confidence is key

Eric Cartmen from South Park singing "everyone likes me and thinks i'm great"Being confident in your achievements, skills and defining qualities is just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re confident in who you are, it spills over into strong eye contact, body language and how you speak. Immediately, you know when you’ve met someone who is sure of themselves and what they’re saying (I think of Barack Obama).

Confidence can be a life-long journey, however. Hit up Career Services’ workshop, ‘Mastering the Art of the Interview’ to brush up on those interview skills!


Dress to impress

Pugs in dressesYou know that fabulous feeling when you have bought a new outfit and wear it out for the first time? Go into every first impression with that attitude. Fashion can be both a statement and another source of confidence. Your outfit can say a lot about who you are and what you’re interested in.

Take advantage of our Career Boutique at both North and Lakeshore campus to elevate your look.


Showcase your authentic self

Be polite and be yourselfA lot of these tips may have sounded like a ploy to be someone else; that’s not what I’m trying to encourage. In a first impression, you want to highlight the best parts of who you are! Continue to be different and unique but be confident (yep, that word again) in those differences. It’s what makes you different that will grab people’s attention.

Not sure what makes you stand out? Book an appointment with a career services advisor to chat about your passions and endless opportunities.


Seal the deal

Seal bouncing on rock

Many think a first impression is simply a strong ‘hello.’ The key to a lasting first impression (and strong recovery if it didn’t go as planned) is ending your interaction on a high note. Send a follow-up email, thank the individual for their time, let them know something they said resonated with you. Not into emails? Give them a strong handshake!

Leave the individual with a positive and lasting memory of who you are!

Get started with a stand-out look from the Career Boutique. Register to get in on all the styling tips this March.

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