“You can’t sit with us.”

Whether you’re a returning Humber or Guelph-Humber student, or a freshman just starting out, trying to navigate the post-secondary social scene can feel really tough. Between locating your classes, gathering textbooks, and planning the perfect first-day outfit, making like-minded friends can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.

With the total Humber College and Guelph-Humber enrollment coming in at a cool 34,600 students (18,600 at North, 11,000 at Lakeshore and 4,000 at GH) you’re bound to meet a diverse group of people with a variety of cultural backgrounds, personality types, and study habits. These exciting connections can make or break your academic year.

So whether you’re a chemistry wizard or a gym junkie, here are a few types of people you will likely encounter while at college:


1. The Keener

Future winner of the Governor General’s award

Animated character standing on desk with report card

You will definitely see The Keener during lectures. This is the type of person who attends every class religiously (yes, even syllabus week), beats the professor for 8 a.m. lectures, and always sits in the front row. Their hand is constantly in the air to answers questions, Hermione Granger style.

You will never have to worry about this student not having their homework done or not being prepared for an exam. Their GPA is the envy of the whole class and they will be the first to complain to a prof if they get less than an A on any given assignment.  

This person can also be seen over-preparing for each class with their textbook highlighted and sticky-noted like they’re reading the most important book ever written. They also may have an obsession with stationary and likely own five different brands of pens in multiple colours. Why? Because each one writes differently and colour coding is life (and yes, I may be talking about myself). 


2. The Athlete

Adidas Poster Child

Man flexing ab muscles

This person can be seen wearing nothing but gym attire, carrying a duffel bag full of equipment, and chugging Gatorade. They came to school on a varsity athletic scholarship and you will definitely know their name and what sports they play by attending their respective sporting events. 

Athletes are also the type that will be first to talk to profs about an assignment conflict due to an out-of-town game, or to complain about their crazy busy schedules. But you have to give them credit for their amazing time management skills!

Does this sound like you? Find out more information about joining Humber Athletics on their website.


3. The Partier

Work hard, play harder

A group of young people in 80s fashion dancing at a party

The partier is the person who takes full advantage of the college/university experience and lives life to the fullest. They work hard during the week to free up their weekends for having fun. They know all the coolest bars and clubs in the city and can even get you into some of the more exclusive locales. Not surprisingly, they may even be friends with the bouncers and bartenders at their go-to spots.

These people are super loud and outgoing; you can’t miss them when they’re walking around campus. They have huge groups of friends and somehow seem to know almost everyone on campus. Hanging out with these socialites can be fun, but just make sure your grades don’t slip!


4. The Trendsetter

“That’s so last season”

A model walking the runway removes her belt and reveals and entirely new outfit.

The Trendsetter is completely unmistakable. Their clothing styles are eclectic, zany, and above all, fun! They turn heads as they strut down the hallway to class. Fierce confidence defines the Trendsetter, and curating the perfect look is a way of life. Ask them where they get their style inspo from and they will likely regale you with details of the underground designer they are most recently obsessed with.

No matter what time class starts, they would never be caught dead without a glamorous wardrobe, as well as perfectly styled hair and makeup. You wish you had their motivation for looking great (and they do look amazing every day), but you also recognize that life is short and that extra half an hour of sleep is so worth it.


5. The Slacker


A man falling out of a classroom seat and a girl sleeping

The slacker is a group project nightmare. This person sleeps during class (if they even decide to show up at all) or holds side conversations during every lecture. They never have their homework done, never do any assigned readings, and turn in most assignments late. The slacker can likely be found begging profs for passing grades near the end of the semester. Don’t let this be you! 

I know how hard it can be to juggle school, work and a social life, believe me I’ve been there. But you have it in you to accomplish great things! After all, academic achievement starts with you and IGNITE is here to help get you through it all.  

Here on campus there are many resources to help with student success such as the Health and Wellness Center, Financial Services and the Writing Center

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