Spring into these fashion trends.

No doubt, it’s been a long and harsh winter. Everything may seem grey and dull, but it’s almost time to put winter behind us. Luckily, the weather will start going into the positives very soon. Since spring is just around the corner we can FINALLY ditch the layers of parkas, hats, gloves, snow-pants and scarves. It’s time to get out of the winter blues, and these colourful essentials will definitely help.

Check out my list of spring fashion essentials that you need in your closet ASAP:

1. Denim Jacket

Sadly, it’s not summer just yet so you should still wear a light jacket. Don’t worry, you can ditch the parka and opt for a cute denim jacket instead. You likely have a jean jacket as a staple in your wardrobe anyways so don’t forget to let it shine this spring. It’s light, cute and can easily be added to any outfit—a definite must-have for spring.

Curly haired woman wearing jean jacket and jean skirt
Image Courtesy of H&M


2. Straw Hat

The sun is SHINING! This straw hat will not only protect your head from the sun’s rays but will also add a dash of colour to your otherwise dull outfit! You’ll definitely be exuding spring beach vibes with this hat on and you’ll be feeling bad and boujee.

Woman wearing colourful, striped straw hat
Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

3. Colourful Skirts

A colourful skirt is just what you need to greet spring. With the weather warming up, you may not want to touch those pants you’ve been wearing ALL winter. Instead, show off the colours of spring with a flowy skirt! If you don’t have the funds to go to Coachella, but still want to look like a music festival goddess then this skirt is the one for you.

Woman wearing white top and floral, below-the-knee shirt
Image Courtesy of Zara


4. Statement Earrings

The pop your outfit needs is all in your accessory choice. A bright pair of statement earrings will surely take your outfit from drab to fab! These floral, tassel earrings are the perfect accessory to compliment your spring outfit and make you stand out.

Woman wearing pink floral tassel earrings
Image Courtesy of Forever 21

5. Hair Ties

Hair ties seem like such a simple part of your outfit that can easily be looked past, but they shouldn’t be! There are so many options. Remember, sun’s out, buns out! Add cute scrunchies or bandanas to your hair for a quick and easy way to make your hair slay all day!

Woman with blonde hair wearing silk hair scarf
Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


Embrace the sunshine, flowers, and beauty that spring has to offer with your own beautiful style! Make your outfits as colourful as you are and don’t forget to let your style shine. Express yourself this spring, warm weather is just around the corner.

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