Spooky szn.

It’s that time of year, folks. We all know the feeling. Half-way through the semester, deadlines rapidly approaching, and suddenly our textbooks aren’t the only things covered in cobwebs. It must be Halloween! Despite the chilly weather putting a damper on everyone’s costume plans, we still managed to spot some creative looks at North.

Check out these classic looks we spotted Humber students rocking this Halloween:

Caitlin Niukkanen | Practical Nursing | Second Year | North | @caitniukk

girl wearing superman costume smiles at camera

What’s your favourite part of your costume? 

“The gold detail and the cape!”

Tania Goncalves | Media Foundations | First-Year | North | @taniaisintheclouds

girl wearing tiger costume smiles at camera

That looks like the perfect costume for today. 

“Yes, I’m so happy I wore it because it’s freezing outside.”

Alejandro Loazya-Diaz | Business Management | First-Year | North | @ay.diaz

guy poses at Dwight from The Office

What’s your favourite part of your costume? 

“I mean, it’s gonna be the name tag and the glasses, hands down.”

Joy Chung | Interior Decorating | First-Year | North | @__examine__ (left)

Mariia Semenova | Interior Decorating | First-Year | North | @blurry_fox (right)

two girls pose in costume

How has it been in class dressed as a “sexy” banana?

Joy: “It’s funny because there aren’t too many students dressed up today. I felt funny in class, but that’s what Halloween is for!”

Your makeup looks so detailed! How long did that take you? 

Mariia: “Way too long, but it’s worth it for one day.”

Omari Burey | Media Foundations | First-Year | North | @the_black_fenix

man dressed as Prince holds an umbrella

What’s your favourite part of your look today? 

“The umbrella because I need it.”

Nicolas Elliott | Massage Therapy | Second-Year | North

guy dressed in costume crosses arms and poses

What’s your favourite part of your costume?

“The mask because I can pull it on and off whenever I want.”

IGNITE would like to remind our community this Halloween that culture is not a costume. At Humber and UofGH, we do not mimic racial or ethnic groups. Please be respectful of all individuals and cultures across the college.

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