It’s the little things.

This pandemic has forced many of us to adapt our in-person class schedule to a new study-from-home routine. 

Studying or working from home has its perks, but it also can have its challenges. Finding motivation—and resisting the urge to get distracted—can all be struggles when you no longer have space away from home to work. Creating a great at-home workspace is the solution to avoiding those issues as much as possible.  

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Here are 8 items you can purchase for less than $50 that will make a world of difference to your at-home study space! 

A coffee maker | $39

First things first, coffee. Switch it up with something a little fancier than the usual coffee machine. A pour-over coffee maker is simple and easy to use without fancy gadgets. You can let it do its thing while you work away. A French press is also another excellent option for some delicious coffee to keep you going all day. 

A comfy seat cushion | $41

Avoid sitting in your bed or on the couch all day to do your work. Dedicate those spots to sleep or relax and instead sit at a table or desk. With a comfy seat cushion, you can make an ok chair into a great chair that you can sit in for extended amounts of time.  

A lap desk | $40

If having a desk or table to work at is not possible for you, getting a lap desk is the next best thing! This compact desk will keep your work elevated while providing a hard surface for notes, wherever you are! 

A dry-erase whiteboard | $20

Getting a whiteboard can be great for brainstorming project ideas, making lists, keeping a calendar, etc. It can help you visualize what you need to get done and you can just erase off tasks as you go.  It’s also great for little doodles and leaving yourself motivational messages!

Desktop organizers |$30

Keep things organized! Having an organized workspace can help you focus on the work you have at hand. When everything has its place, they’re easier to find, and it might even save you some time. Desktop organizers are a great option, and they can even give your space a cute aesthetic.  

An essential oil diffuser | $37

Essential oils are used in the practice of aromatherapy. They can be great to help you focus, relax, and so much more. An essential oil diffuser is an excellent option for getting your room to smell great and feel great! Try a sandalwood oil to calm nerves and help with focus. 

Get a de-stress ball | $17 (for 24)

We all know working can get stressful. Don’t let the stress ruin your productivity. Getting a stress ball can help you refocus some of that energy to help you feel more relaxed. You can even get some funny ones to add a smile to your face when you’re feeling a little down.  

Wireless noise-cancelling headphones | $50

Of course, getting fancy air pods can be cool, but for $250, they might be a little out of your student-budget. Wireless noise-cancelling headphones from cheaper brands are easy to find and are often just as great!  They’ll help you block out any of the distracting noises around and with no pesky cords to get in the way, you can move around freely as you work.

Try adding these small purchases to your study space, you won’t regret it! It’s really the little things that make the biggest differences. Before you know it, you’ll be studying like a star.

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