Life is like an episode of Lost.

The end of the semester is upon us. With all this newfound spare time, you’ll surely be able to land a job that will skyrocket your career, plan a trip to Europe, launch your side hustle, buy a dog, and apply for your masters… right?

Elmo falling over

For most, this isn’t reality.

At face value, it can seem like everyone around you is 10 steps ahead in life. Your peers are saving up to buy a house while you’re still trying to clean your room in the basement rental you share with some roommate you found on Craigslist. 

Of course, you’re happy for your friends and their success. But, constantly feeling like you’re falling behind can take a toll on your self-esteem. It’s normal to feel jealous, angry, or upset in these moments. It’s important to remember, however, that…

Your time will come. 

Mr. Bean looking at watch in a field

Evolution happens slowly. What you view as miraculous luck is actually someone’s highlight reel made possible by years and years of hard work.

Everyone’s timeline is different. Some graduate on time, some take one or two more years. Some go for their masters, some land a job right after receiving their diploma. Some, like Steve Carell, don’t get their big break until they’re 43 and a silly little show about a paper company asks you to be their star.

No matter how much time or work it takes for you to reach what you define as success, your time will come. When it does, you’ll have a group of people supporting you, and reading this same post.

Success isn’t a competition.

Cat dressed up as a lion biting toy giraffe

Often when our peers land a super cool internship or win an award for an in-class project, we feel as though that now those opportunities are demolished for us. We are not lions fighting for food in the animal kingdom. Someone else’s success will not take away from your own.

Let your classmate’s success build you up! Kick yourself into high-gear and utilize this competitive energy by creating SMART goals, enhance your skillset, and reach out to those you look to as mentors.

There is always room for you and your achievements. Grow from the accomplishments of others and remember…

It’s good to be surrounded by successful people.

Phoebe from Friends holding champagne saying "woooo"

Having the people around you succeed isn’t a bad thing! Okay, so it’s a hit to the ego, but not only are these individuals highly motivating, they’re a good connection to have for the future.

Need an internship? Job? Reference? When you support people through both their wins and losses, you prove your character and loyalty. These individuals will be able to speak authentically to the awesome person you are and want to help you.

We all can’t be highly-organized, over-achievers like Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But, we can look to these people for guidance, support, and a leg up. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine saying "I believe in you."

So, maybe this summer isn’t the summer you launch your career and make millions, but hold your head up high knowing that your hard work will pay off, there is room for your success, and when you embrace the success of others, you will not only feel amazing, but others will speak to your amazing-ness as well.

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