“Art is all around us everyday.” – Ruth E. Carter

What would you wear in the movie of your life?

Would you choose function over fashion or opt for something dazzlingly impractical? Is formal your favourite or are you more of a streetwear stan?

Costumes have a unique ability to both tell stories and shape characters. They can stand out when they need to, or blend into the fabric of the film. (Get it? Fabric? Ba-dum tss.)

Chuey Martinez points finger guns after making a movie joke.

Don’t stress too much, though – designing your main character fit should feel as natural as deciding what to wear to class. In the words of acclaimed costume designer Ruth E. Carter, “…if you’re overthinking while dressing a character in a movie, you’re probably overdoing it.” Your style on screen should reflect your style in real life.

Speaking of Ruth E. Carter…

She’ll be joining IGNITE on Monday, March 8 for our next Real Talks! Carter is one of the most accomplished costume designers in the entertainment industry. She’s worked on over 40 films, including Selma, Dolemite Is My Name and Black Panther – for which she won an Oscar in 2018. You’ll learn how this master of fashion assembles ensembles and gather invaluable advice to help build your own career.

A group of fish from Spongebob Squarepants taking notes about movie costumes.

Also joining us at this online event is Sophia Amoruso: serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author and founder of clothing retailer Nasty Gal. Learning life tips from these media moguls is an opportunity you don’t want to miss – register today for free through the IGNITE website!

But, before you sit in on Carter’s success story, it’s time to put your flair for fashion into practice. Click through the quiz below to build your dream movie costume and we’ll tell you how your personal style stands out:

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