Periods. Let’s talk about them!

Have you heard the news? Complimentary tampons and pads are now available at Humber and University of Guelph-Humber!

Earlier in January, IGNITE launched our pilot initiative aimed at fighting menstruation stigmas and helping students feel more comfortable with their periods while at school.

The Pads & Tampons Project promotion is officially live on campus and we’ve received outstanding feedback from the student body so far.

Currently, pad and tampon kits are available at the following campus locations:

  • North | IGNITE Office (KX202), LGBTQ+ Centre (E140), Health Centre (2nd Floor, LRC)
  • Guelph-Humber | GH 108
  • Lakeshore | IGNITE Office (K Building), LGBTQ+ Centre (WEL211), Health Centre (2nd Floor, Welcome Centre)

Love this project? Make sure to let us know by completing our short survey and help us make this initiative permanent. For now, check out what other students had to say:

Person handing you a tampon


Daniella Stevens | Justice Studies | Guelph-Humber

“If condoms are free I don’t see why tampons aren’t. I think this is definitely important and I’m glad to see it happening.”

Jaysen Ittea | Project Management | Humber

“I think this is very important. As guys, we can’t fully understand it but I think it’s important for us to talk about it more and make it known because it does affect us one way or another.”

Valentina Alonzi | Paramedics | Humber

“Periods happen absolutely every day of the year and I find it shocking how things like Narcan are easily accessible but something so natural gets shamed so people that need products can’t even access them on campuses. This is super important!”


Humber College's IGNITE Period promotion sign


Yunhan Luo | Event Management | Humber

“I read an article that explained how many trees it takes to create tampons in a woman’s lifetime and it was crazy. It’s ridiculous this isn’t talked about more.”

Lismely Solis | Business Administration | Humber

“This is super important!”

Jheyon Brody | Kinesiology | Guelph-Humber

“I’ve never seen this happening anywhere else before so it’s cool to see a change happening.”


Student post it notes on periods and the stigma
Student posts on menstruation and the stigma.


Eric Arampour | Architectural Technology | Humber

“Of course it’s important. We learn about this stuff in school and then suddenly we just don’t talk about it anymore. I think more people need to be aware and comfortable with it.”

Tehreem Shaikh | Kinesiology | Guelph-Humber

“I definitely want to see this sticking around.”


Pad reads "Get over it"


Amarjot Singh Grewal | Business Administration | Humber

“We shouldn’t be shy about this. It’s natural and not a man-made thing.”

Bryanna Hamilton | Psychology | Guelph-Humber

“We pay so much for tuition and fees already, free tampons should be a given!”


Tampon stop motion

*These comments have been edited for clarity and length. 



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