Every Humber & Guelph-Humber student has a unique look and signature style.  Orientation week is the first chance for students to show off their personalities to their peers and express themselves creatively before showcasing their intellectual prowess in the classroom.

Here are some of the best Street Styles from Orientation Week:

Chris in Red Shoes and Black Fedora, Mark Crouching in Black T-Shirt Beige Sneakers, Dhaha in Blue Jays Jersey

Chris, 24, Recreation & Leisure, Humber College (Left)

Typical Outfit?: “I like to be different, I like to stand out, I try to dress like this everyday.”

Mark, 19, Sports Management, Humber College (Centre)

Inspiration?: “I’m just trying to be as unique as possible, and trying not to follow others.”

Dhaha, 20, Recreation and Leisure Services, Humber College (Right)

Inspiration?: “I’m wearing a Blue Jays jersey because they’re really good right now.”

Avery in Black Sweater w/ White Jeans, Tenzin in White T-Shirt and 80s Palazzo Pants

Avery, 19, Practical Nursing, Humber College (Left)

Typical Outfit?: “I dress like this everyday… I like overdressing.”

Inspiration?: “My style is influenced by rap and hip-hop culture.”

Feature Quote: “I’m looking forward to graduating… and going to the gym.”

Tenzin, 21, Practical Nursing Student, Humber College (Right)

Typical Outfit?: “I just put on something comfortable I have an exam today.”

Inspiration?: Maybe the 80’s, you can tell from these pants… I like vintage style.”

Feature Quote: “Can’t wait to graduate… and yeah same as Avery going to the gym.”

Gurjot wearing White T-Shirt Bleached Jeans Red Turban and Dark Leather Boots

Gurjot Singh Dhillon, 21, Civil Engineering, Humber College

Typical Outfit?: “Yeah when I go out I wear a Turban, at home I’m much more relaxed.”

Inspiration?: “Where I’m from, there are singers who dress like this, I like wearing a red turban, and I like boots like this too.”

Feature Quote: “I flew in two days ago, im looking forward to seeing how everything goes!”

Dayna in Reflective Aviators, Brown Baseball Cap, Black Choker and White Blouse, Josee in Grey Blouse and Black Choker

Dayna Repele, 26, Massage Therapy, Humber College (Left), Josee Repele, 23 (Right)

Typical Outfit?: “Yeah it is, I always like to be comfortable, I like to dress pretty baggy and androgynous.”

Inspiration?: “I really like Sophia Richie, she has really good style.”

Feature Quote: “I bring my sister for moral support.”

Joel wearing Black Adidas T-Shirt, Black Khakis and White Adidas Shoes

Joel Spratt, Sports Management, Humber College

Typical Outfit?: ” I like to go all black, and not wear sweat pants and khakis, I try and wear jeans to school, I try and look impressionable… but that may change as the year goes on, based on how lazy I become.”

How’s Humber’s Style?: “I feel like everyone’s trying to do their own thing, everyone should be able to express themselves through what they wear. ¬†I have however seen a lot of white shoes, it’s not making me feel too unique because I’ve got a nice pair of white Adidas’ on myself.”

Feature Quote: “I took a couple of years off to pursue a career in hockey, but I’m excited to get back to learning, it should be fun.”

Who knows maybe you’ll be featured in our next Street Styles profile.

For more orientation week styles check below!

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