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The Guelph-Humber Academic Program Representative program was devised to help GH students safely voice concerns about their program to their student peers. The APR’s gather these concerns and bring them before the faculty, and work through the resolution process to help ensure these issues are addressed and dealt with.

Introducing your Academic Program Representatives for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Business – Amelia Savoie & Carlos Sandoval

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What qualities do you think make a good APR?

“I am a very analytical person, I really love working with data which is very important in this position. I also love talking to students about our program and the university. This position will give me the opportunity to merge these two passions together!” – Amelia

“I believe taking the initiative and reaching out to students face-to-face is a key quality that a good APR should possess. It’s not as effective to reach out by just using social media to get student’s feedback in regards to school issues. Another quality is being genuine and sincere when speaking to students because they can tell the kind of person you are quickly and that will determine if they will want to follow and listen to you or not.” – Carlos

How do you exemplify these qualities?

“I have worked on quite a few roles on campus! I currently work as a Senior Peer Mentor for Humber’s First Year Experience [FYE] program, I talk with students on a daily basis, plan events and manage a team of student mentors. I have also worked as a Fixed Assets Clerk for Humber Finance which involves a lot of data entry. I think my experience in these two roles will help me with this position.” – Amelia

“I’ve learned that to build relationships and gain the trust of others it’s always going to involve reaching out and expanding your comfort zone to meet and connect with people. So to improve upon those skills,  I got involved with groups and activities outside the class such as DECA and the GHAC.” – Carlos

What is the first thing you plan to do as an APR?

“The first thing I plan to do is research into expanding summer placement for our program. Based on past data, business students are very interested in getting more hands-on experience in the Business program.” – Amelia

“The first thing I plan to do as an APR is to reach out to as many student leaders as I can. These leaders
are those who are representing their organizations and are the most involved when it comes to their education. Being around them and many of their peers will allow me to hear the variety of concerns they have with their academic programs.” – Carlos


Early Childhood Studies – Rose Bonello & Nicole Bucar

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How do you exemplify the qualities that make for a good APR?

“I am on campus regularly and have my email available for easy communication between my fellow students and myself. In addition to this, I genuinely want to make a change in our program that hopefully every student can benefit from. I am open-minded and am ready to take in the suggestions from the students and bring them up with my partner and the program heads to start creating solutions and implementing ideas.” – Rose

“Being kind to others and treating everyone with respect is another way that I exemplify these qualities. I believe that it is always important to be receptive to feedback and viewpoints that others have in order to grow as a person, as a learner, and as a leader.” – Nicole

What is the first thing you plan to do as an APR?

“Together with my coworker, I wish to begin our year introducing ourselves and getting student feedback on our program. From here we hope to connect with our program heads and get started on implementing any new possible solutions and ideas to help accommodate the academic needs of the ECS students. We aspire to add and create many new and adapted aspects to the program based on student feedback.  We especially hope for participation from our fellow students to accomplish these goals.” –Rose

“The first thing my partner and I plan to do is to introduce ourselves to our Program Head and Assistant program head. Furthermore, we will plan to seek approval from them to create a suggestion box in front of our ECS Resource Room as well as approval in our ECS Learning Lab.” – Nicole

What is your favourite thing about being a GH student?

“One of my favourite parts about being a GH student is the way the GH community allows for student and faculty engagement and communication. Having the ability to know the names of fellow students, as well as the faculty within a post-secondary institution, is a unique quality to our school. I as a student feel more comfortable approaching my faculty and asking about any questions. I have seen first-hand the positive impact this has on my academics here at GH.” – Rose

“What I love about being at GH student is how small the school and student body is. You have a lot of chances to get to know different people not only in your program but in other programs. GH also has a lot of opportunities for students to learn in different formats to suit their individual needs. There’s in-class courses, online courses, and study abroad courses. You are able to complete certain programs in a way that is designed to fit your life circumstances and schedule. For example, the ECS program has the option for full-time on campus, part-time online, and a hybrid option which is part-time both online and on campus. I think that makes Guelph-Humber very inclusive of people’s diverse needs. This is something that makes me proud to be at this university; they try their best to include all people from all walks of life.” – Nicole


Kinesiology –  Cassandra Holianty & Carmen Duong

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What is the first thing you plan to do as an APR?

“I want to add more Kinesiology electives to our choices of classes. As Kinesiology students, we need applied science classes to further our education and help us advance to continued education.” – Cassandra

“The first thing I plan to do as an APR is to reach out and communicate to students. I hope to get more kinesiology related electives, and have practicums available in the summer semester.” – Carmen

What was it that drew you to your program?

“I’ve had a passion for health and wellness since I was a child. I was an athlete from the time I could walk, and I’ve gone through rigorous rehab and been in hospital throughout my childhood. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to college or university in grade 12, and that is when I found out about bridge programs, Guelph-Humber in particular. I thought it was incredible that an institute like ours offers a degree and diploma within four years. As well, our program gets a wide array of opportunities that those getting just a degree or diploma program would not get to have.” – Cassandra

“In elementary and high school, science was my favourite subject. Being an athlete and loving physical activity, I wanted a career that related to my interest and passion. Kinesiology was the perfect fit.” – Carmen

What is your favourite thing about being a GH student?

“I love the opportunities and varied styles of learning that we get to do! I love all the hands-on work we accomplish, particularly dissecting cadavers in first year and fitness testing in second year! I also appreciate the small class sizes. They allow me to have good report with not only my peers but the professors, making sure I can do the best on all of my school work. To be honest, I could go on forever about all the things that make GH great.” – Cassandra

“My favourite thing about being a GH student is having a variety of resources. These resources include those offered through Humber College, Guelph-Humber, and the University of Guelph. These resources give GH students triple the opportunity.” – Carmen


Psychology – Heba Elgharbawy & Makayla Courteau
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How do you exemplify the positive qualities required to be a good APR?

“I always do my best to be friendly and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and I have a lot of experience reaching out to people from customer service and fundraising jobs. I also know first-hand how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re not heard when you know that you can make things better which is why I am so excited and passionate about this role. I have always been a responsible and goal-oriented person, and I intend to bring those qualities to this role as well.” – Heba

“I desire to (and do) talk about needed changes in Guelph-Humber and I want to change the Psychology program for the better.” – Makayla

What is the first thing you plan on doing as an APR?

“One of the first things I plan to do is look for better ways to reach out to students, let them know what an APR is, what we do and how they can tell us their ideas on how to change the program for the better. Reaching out to as many students as possible and raising awareness about what APRs are is key to ensuring students are aware of this great way to change their program for the better” – Heba

“I plan to meet with my Academic Program Head as well as begin connecting with students out of my current year to create a list of issues or ideas that need to be discussed.” – Makayla

What was it that drew you to your program?

“This program allowed me to be exposed to so many different areas of psychology Which helped me to find what I am interested in. The practical components and application courses give me a chance to use the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from the program in real life. I also have the chance to gain applied experience in my field before I even finish school.” – Heba

“I grew up with a brother who was diagnosed with multiple mental and behavioural disorders, which is what grew my interest in knowing why people act the way they do.” – Makayla


Media Studies – Valerie Espinoza & Naba Saeed

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What qualities do you think make a good APR?

“I think a good APR is someone who’s able to communicate and listen effectively, both being equally important. I think a good APR is dedicated as this is a year-long position, able to work independently as a lot of our duties are unsupervised, but also able to work as a team as every program has two APRs.” – Valerie

“It’s important for APRs to be ambitious, knowledgeable, intellectual, and strategic. With these qualities, APRs will be able to maximize their success while working with IGNITE. In combination with student enthusiasm, it is an APR’s job to inspire students and inform them of how change is truly possible with the right amount of hard work, dedication, and passion.” – Naba

How do you exemplify these qualities?

“Being in Media Studies and specializing in public relations specifically, being able to communicate a message effectively and being a great listener is at the core of what my studies consist of, and I’ve been working on these skills for the last 3 years. In all of my volunteer positions with places like Victim Services Toronto, the Make a Wish Foundation, and Guelph-Humber I have always remained dedicated, consistent, and able to work independently and as a team.” – Valerie

“By doing my best to be someone that is approachable and responsible. It’s easy to get caught up in my own view from this role but if I am unable to gain insight from other students and my partner, I can only advance so far. I require the input of others to exemplify the most important qualities needed for this position.” – Naba

What is the first thing you plan on doing as an APR?

“One of the first things myself and my co-APR, Naba, plan to do is work on strategies to collect student feedback, raise student engagement, and work on APR visibility – as we realize one of our issues in the past has been making sure students in our program know specifically who they can contact to deal with frustrations constructively and progressively.” – Valerie

“Sit down with my partner and create a detailed and thorough plan about different changes we can attempt to implement within the program. From there, we will be contacting a wide range of students to gain insight on how positively or negatively these changes will be received. Do you have any suggestions? Stop me in the halls and feel free to run your thoughts by me, I’d love to hear from you!” – Naba


Family & Community Social Services – Amy Piercey & Christine Urso

What qualities do you think make a good APR?

“Someone who is open and is consistently communicating with their peers, APR partner and program head. It is important to have consistent communication to ensure that everyone involved in any future changes understands what is going on at all times.” – Christine

“I would say that a good APR is someone who is creative, confident, and ambitious. An APR needs to find new and creative ways to reach out to students and gain responses to their questions. They also need to be confident while presenting their ideas, and believe that they can inflict positive changes to their program.” – Amy

How do you exemplify these qualities?

“I exemplify these qualities by going around to classrooms and introducing myself and my ideas in how we as a student body can help make our program better. I then take any suggestions given to my peers as well as my own and set up meetings with the program head to ensure that these ideas are properly presented and effectively communicated.” – Christine

“While this semester has only just begun, myself and my partner have already started brainstorming how we are going to reach out to the students in our program in order to gain a number of responses. My partner and I work well together, and I think that makes it easier for us to present our work with confidence, and we feed off of each other’s positive energy.” – Amy

What is your favorite thing about being a GH student?

“I love being a part of a close-knit community, where there is consistent support from faculty and your peers. No matter what problem or conflict I may be facing I always know there is someone I can go to and receive support.” – Christine

“My favourite part about being a GH student is building a strong rapport with my professors/mentors. In first year I did not make a strong effort to get to know my professors. However, now in second year that I that I have done so, I encourage all students to make an effort to build relationships with the faculty in their program. My learning experience has become so much more positive. I look forward to getting to see my favourite professors each year.” – Amy


Justice Studies – Noah Codrington & Tiffany Farrugia

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