It’s time to get alternative.

Welcome to Vol. 3 of ‘In Our Headphones’. This weeks theme is Alternative Rock.

Every Monday, IGNITE shares 10 songs on our brand new Spotify playlist. The playlist will be curated from song suggestions received from students through our social media pages (with a few IGNITE staff picks sprinkled in).

Along with the updated playlist on Spotify, we will post a companion article on our site to share and discuss the new track list, this is the third edition. Check out last week’s edition.

Thank you all for your suggestions. Unfortunately, we can only pick 10, but I loved all of your choices!


Moses Gunn Collective

(submitted by @michaeldelvecchio_)

This song has actually been a favourite of mine for a few years now. It’s the perfect track for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying some chill indie rock. The slow pace, delayed sound and echoed vocals add a spaced-out and psychedelic vibe to this track. The guitar solo towards the end adds the perfect touch.



Twin Peaks

(submitted by @eriikasavellli)

This song is fun, upbeat, and all about those butterflies. The track is perfect for hanging with friends or starting your morning off in a good mood. The Chicago-based band is known for their classic garage punk and 60’s rock-inspired sound. Combining the two stylistic elements together, they create a unique sound on every track.


The Mall and the Misery

Broken Bells

(submitted by @madd4music)

The Mall and the Misery is groovy, and totally rock and roll. The harmonies and vocal layering add a cool dimension to this song. Its abstract yet upbeat tone make for the perfect commuting song. Check out the whole album if you want to get a broader experience.


Lover Boy

Phum Viphurit

(submitted by @iblibs)

Synths, bass, percussion, and good vibes are all over this track. It takes you through some psychedelic vibes, with elements of funk. Its all about finding ‘the one’, with an overall relaxed tone. It definitely has some more summer vibes, which is perfect for brightening up your mood amidst this chilly weather.


Tighten Up

The Black Keys

(submitted by @luisadgg)

This classic has just about everything you’re looking for in an alt-rock track; complex riffs, catchy and upbeat bass, soul-inspired vocals, a captivating bridge, diverse production, and lyrics that tell a story. This one is pretty well-known in the indie rock community. If you haven’t heard this one before, get ready to be hitting repeat.


Opening Act (The Shooby Dooby Song)


(submitted by @liaamsmith)

The title really says it all. Faded “Shooby Dooby’s” are placed throughout the song, along with Bahamas’ iconic soft voice. The tempo is medium, with some strong back-up and defining female vocals. It also incorporates elements of funk and subtle gospel-inspired percussion and backup vocals.


Ocean Song


(submitted by @dumbandres)

This track is one you can really engage with. The bass is steady, the guitar is intense, and the vocals tell a story. This one doesn’t really have a chorus, which is interesting and grabs my attention even more. The lo-fi and edgy vibes really drew me into this one. With even a hint of Rage Against the Machine sounds, I was hooked.



Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners

(submitted by @thelustforluxe)

This soft song captures you in with its gentle piano melody maintained throughout, and honestly, the vocals are pretty angelic. I’d compare the vocals to Young the Giant. The song stops halfway through, but returns moderately speeding up the piano melody, while slowing down again and focusing on percussion and vocals, and returning back faster with enhanced harmonies and piano melodies. The diversity of tempo and sound within this track really makes it stand out.




(submitted by @thatpersonkevin)

Phoenix has always been known for their sleek and infectious melodies. All of their albums have been a hit in the world of alt-rock, and they always pull through with something unique and exciting. This song is pretty electronic for the most part, with heavy synths. Thomas Mar’s voice in the chorus repeating “My love, my love, my love” with the repetitive synths is what really makes this song so catchy.




(submitted by @planetmoonstars)

Gorillaz are back with a moody, techno-inspired track. Vocals are faded out adding atmosphere to the spacey, mysterious track. This track is very synth-focused, with some funky keys added to the mix. Dancing will be hard to resist with this catchy bop.

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