“Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?”

On October 25th, I checked out the Toronto Vintage Crawl. With 41 different vendors to choose from, I decided to check out Penny Arcade (1177 Dundas St. W) and the Hippie Market (1305 Dundas St. West), which had several different vendors inside. I definitely would have visited more if it wasn’t so chilly out!

Despite the cold, I managed to score some pretty sweet (and sustainable) finds! I loved the concept of this crawl. I really had no idea how many vintage stores were actually in Toronto. For the past few years, I’ve been loyal to my go-to vintage stores in the city, but the crawl allowed me to check out two new places I’d never heard of! Now, whenever I want to thrift somewhere new, I can just refer to the complete thrift store list.

Here’s how I styled them:

I snagged a white Lacoste tee from the Hippie Market, for $25. I’ve paired it with my American Apparel high-waisted jeans, and some white low-rise Converse. Clean and casual.


This silky striped button-up was also from the Hippie Market, which was $20. You can dress up or dress down with it. I’ve paired it with my Vans classics, and jeans from American Apparel.


I was instantly drawn to the cool pastel vibes of this business-casual shirt from Penny Arcade, which was only $18. I’ve paired it with my black Levi’s, and Vans classics.


Heres a few tips you should keep in mind while thrifting:

1. Price aware

If you feel like something is overpriced, it just might be. Look around a bit to see if you can find something similar for cheaper. For instance, I found the silky striped shirt pictured above for $60 in one section of the Hippie Market. For the sake of my poor student life, I left it on the rack. After looking around a bit more, I actually found the exact same shirt for $20—essentially a thrifting miracle.


2. Location

The higher-end the area, the more expensive the clothing will be. Store owners know that people shopping in an area where the demographic is upscale have more cash to throw around, therefore pricing tends to be on the higher side. If you don’t want to break the bank, head to notably ‘middle-class’ thrift neighbourhoods such as Queen St. West or Ossington.


3. Stay observant

Make sure to really take a close look at the article of clothing before purchasing. There have been a couple times where I’ve bought something only to realize it had a hole or stain on it.


4. Timing

The earlier you arrive, the better. Firstly, thrift stores tend to be busier in the afternoons and on weekends. Also, new clothing tends to come into stores in the morning. If you get there bright and early you’ll avoid the crowds, and get your first pick at the latest finds.


If the weather wasn’t so cold that night, I totally would have explored more around the city. With that being said, the crawl does happen every spring and summer! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the Vintage Crawl event page so I don’t miss out on the next one—and you should too.

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