Photography interns aren’t the only ones who “do it for the exposure.”

A common experience for many students these days is to have to participate in a summer internship to complete their program. It can be a challenging experience but all in all it helps bring you along the path to a meaningful career.

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We spoke to Humber students to find out about their lives and times as summer interns. Here is what they had to say:

Jen, Event Management, Humber College

“I interned with Insight Productions in Toronto for the Juno Awards in 2016, it was definitely an awesome experience. My biggest piece of advice to other people looking to intern would be, just try your very hardest. Even though you might not be getting paid, an internship should be treated like a job.

Show up on time, and always be enthusiastic, because who knows! It might lead to you getting a job with that company, and that’s the entire point of the experience. You want to figure out if it’s the right fit for you, while also getting your foot in the door and making connections, and maybe even getting references. Have fun with it, don’t stress out too much, and ask as many questions as possible.”
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Carla, Paralegal Studies, Humber College

“We had to do 120 Hours, signed off by a Lawyer, so I interned at Deveritt Law Offices, but also at Formcrete Construction as an administrator. At the Law Office at times it could be a little tedious and boring. They didn’t trust a lot of the students with major responsibilities, like they didn’t trust us with computer passwords and things like that. So we mostly just shadowed the paralegal that was on shift.

There was a Human Rights Tribunal close by, so often we would go there and observe cases and soak it all in. My advice to others would be to ask as many questions as possible and try and get involved in as many things as possible and take initiative to work on as many things as you can. So try and make the most out of your time there.”

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David, Multi-Media Design & Development, Humber College

“I intern for a place called Angle Media Group downtown. It’s a digital media production company, we do a lot of marketing videos, corporate videos, and social media oriented stuff. My favourite part would be getting to use a lot of really expensive equipment and being trusted with it even though I’m an intern.

My biggest piece of advice would be to not be overly confident in your abilities to begin with. Even if you feel as though you know a lot about the industry you still have so much to learn from the professionals. There’s always room to learn, if you don’t know something, make it a learning opportunity instead of trying to cover it up because you’re trying to get hired.

My least favourite part is probably screwing up, it hasn’t happened too much to me, but it doesn’t feel good to make mistakes when you’re working for real clients and a lot of money and business is on the line. But if you make sure to get help from your colleagues things should go well.”
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Sara, Event Management, Humber College

“I interned at a place called Future Occasions, I was a wedding and event planning intern there. It was fun. The number one piece of advice I would give is to always manage and maintain the expectations that your supervisor has for you. Just like any job, make sure to do what is expected of you on time. Personally I got to plan a wedding show, so that involved contacting other companies and vendors, so I got to do a lot of correspondence which was a good experience.

It taught me how to manage my time better. It can be challenging to communicate with your supervisor because they’re doing this full time and your just in for a bit, but just try your hardest.”

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